‘Brick’ by Dave Watkins

Download Dave’s drawings of his award winning Bagnall brickworks locomotive ‘Brick’.


Guinness Locomotive by Bob Bath

Download Bob’s drawings of his award winning Guinness brewery locomotive.


‘Wild Rose III’ by Dave Watkins

During 2012 Dave Watkins has redrawn the drawings for his ‘Wild Rose’ design using CAD technology. There may be future corrections to the drawings already posted here; please check back regularly if you do start building.


‘Idris’ by Dave Watkins

Construction of Idris was described in “16mm Today” during 1995 with full working drawings. It represents a de Winton locomotive as used in North Wales slate quarries, simplified by using oscillating cylinders. A centre flue boiler is used. Orignally fired by methylated spirits, Idris now sports a Butane gas burner.