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We love to showcase our members’ work and models in the Model of the Month section. If you have a model (not only locomotives) that you would like to write about for a future month then please contact us at

1 Jun 2019

June 2019 – Penrhyn Tractor No 5

2019-05-31T15:57:18+01:00June 1st, 2019|Model of the Month|0 Comments

By Bob Gamble. Header photo: Ted Robinson It all started when the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers published their “Penrhyn Quarry Railway Modeller’s Guide”. I had not really paid much attention to Penrhyn Quarry before, but the guide inspired me to acquire several steam locomotive models of the originals used on the system. I [...]

1 Apr 2019

April 2019 – Ffestiniog Brown Marshall & Co Disc Signal Capstan

2019-04-01T16:30:05+01:00April 1st, 2019|Model of the Month|Comments Off on April 2019 – Ffestiniog Brown Marshall & Co Disc Signal Capstan

By Simon Fletcher I was doing some poking around on t’internet on the disc signals during the closing stages of completing the Roundhouse disc signal kit.  It seemed that some odd little creatures called ‘capstans’ were intimately associated with this type of signalling system. A few photos existed courtesy of the Festrail and Festipedia websites [...]

1 Mar 2019

March 2019 – A transporter wagon

2019-03-01T17:11:01+01:00March 1st, 2019|Model of the Month|1 Comment

By Philip Elwin To set the scene, I had been very impressed with the idea of carrying standard gauge wagons on narrow gauge transporters having seen it done during annual holidays in Switzerland. Eventually this resulted in an idea for a wagon designed to carry gauge 3 trucks, representing standard gauge, on my 32mm gauge [...]

1 Jan 2019

January 2019 – Quick Change Glyn Valley Tram

2019-01-03T11:22:03+01:00January 1st, 2019|Model of the Month|1 Comment

By Alan Hodgson. Introduction The Glyn Valley Tramway (GVT) was originally a horse drawn, gravity tramway carrying quarried materials to a canal. When it converted to steam around 1890, the tram style locos had shrouded wheels and valve gear, also long side tank surrounds. After reading Bernard Rockett’s excellent books about them, I tried to design [...]

1 Dec 2018

December 2018 – “My Problem, and How I Solved It” – Building a shed

2018-12-01T10:13:38+01:00December 1st, 2018|Model of the Month|Comments Off on December 2018 – “My Problem, and How I Solved It” – Building a shed

By Brian Dominic One problem I’d got with my micro-layout, Slug’s Crossing, was that it’s got a site toilet on it. When you disobey the large label that says “Do NOT under ANY circumstances WHATSOEVER push this button”, the door opens, revealing the occupant, before the door slams shut. The only problem was that I’d [...]

1 Oct 2018

October 2018 – Roundhouse Brown Marshall Disc Signal

2018-10-03T08:56:25+01:00October 1st, 2018|Model of the Month|1 Comment

By Simon Fletcher This all started with a visit to Roundhouse’s open day with a couple of mates, two years ago. I saw the kit, thought “ooh, that’s nice” and bought it. The kit lay about for a few months and then I thought I’d better get on and build it. Straightforward enough… until I looked at the lamp casting. [...]

1 Sep 2018

September 2018 – Ffestiniog Railway 2 ton slate wagons

2018-09-01T18:46:16+01:00September 1st, 2018|Model of the Month|2 Comments

By Andrew Cox Wagons wanted For several years now, I’ve been attempting to recreate some of the flavour of the Welsh Highland Railway in my back garden - the old, struggling, Welsh Highland of the 1920s and 30s. A Roundhouse Russell and Accucraft Baldwin have joined my locomotive fleet, and I’ve built models of the [...]