Our large scale trains are very appealing to members of the public, especially when they realise that the live steam locomotives are not being powered by electricity and that their speed and direction are being set either by radio control or manually. Portable 16mm scale layouts, many of them fully scenic, are based in most parts of Great Britain and our volunteer members take them to exhibitions and events throughout the year.

A variety of live steam and battery powered locomotives can be operated on them. Most of the steam locomotives are gas fired and can produce atmospheric steam plumes even indoors. These locomotives are very clean to run and do not pollute the average size exhibition hall with gas, oil or smoke. They do not set off smoke alarms or heat sensors and they can even be operated successfully in school classrooms.

If you would like to invite a 16mm scale layout to your exhibition or event, we might be able to help you contact the manager of a suitable layout.

Please e-mail bulletin.editor@16mm.org.uk with details of your requirements.