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Our Photo of the Week and Model of the Month sections are regularly updated with material provided by our members. If you have a photograph that you would like to be considered for Photo of the Week, or a model (not only locomotives) that you would like to write about for a future Model of the Month feature, please contact us at

Recent entries in both sections are shown below – click on the column headings to browse the full archives.

Photo of the Week No. 424

“Deborah”, a Roundhouse Argyll, seen at a Wednesday night meeting of the Gloucester group. Photo: Graham Ashby.

Photo of the Week No. 423

ALCO No.9 and Baldwin No.7364 on shed. Photo: Martin Haywood.

Photo of the Week No. 422

The Surrey Hills Railway, before the battle of the leaves commences. Photo: Rob Myles.

Photo of the Week No. 421

Darjeeling D-Class Garratt by Roundhouse awaits permission to proceed from Toffee Falls on Graham White’s Blackwater Valley Railway. Photo: Rob Faulkner.

Photo of the Week No. 420

A brand new Roundhouse “Lilla” on its second run, at its new home on the Croft House Railway. Photo: Stephen Kershaw.

 Photo of the Week archive

November 2017 – A 3D Printed Critter

By Jason Morgan

Everyone has heard of 3D printing: the miracle process that can make any shape. It’s gradually changing the way that manufacturing works (especially […]

October 2017: Cardboard carriages and brake van

By Brian Torrens

I had been invited to exhibit at a local Model Railway Exhibition; my only problem was that I didn’t have much rolling stock, […]

September 2017: The Impermanent Way! An Occasional Garden Railway

By Pat Cross

Around two years ago, I decided to sell my flat in the big city, and head for the countryside – village life, rural […]

August 2017 – Forty Sugar Cane Wagons

By Martin Haywood

A couple of months ago, with a 16mm sugar cane event looming in June 2017, it became apparent rolling stock was required. Precious […]

July 2017 – A Turbine Loco

By Les Breame

I will admit straight away, with no conscience , that I am a toy steam boating chap principally! Had circumstances been different forty […]

Model of the Month archive