Manchester or Ship wagon

By Peter Dawes

This model is based on a September 1965 article in The Industrial Railway Record No.7. The drawing is small and the article short. I have not included any attempt at the rope hauling gear.

The body and non hinged straps are made of styrene. The hinged straps are salvaged from etched brass surrounds of another kit. The Tipper underframe is wood with brass hinges from tube and plate. The rolling chassis is made from 6mm brass H sections, slightly smaller than scale.

The chassis, made of brass H sections

The cut outs in the bottom of the rolling chassis hold axle boxes made from 1/4 x 3/16ths brass strip. The wheels are 6 hole Binnie NCB type, a good match.

The wooden frame member carrying the hinge had to be added to the frame after attachment to the rolling chassis.

The wagon does tip and open, but if full of ballast, fireclay or coal would tip off the track as it needs a much heavier rolling chassis.

The completed wagon

I believe that there is at least one at Amberley, but that is a long way from the Wansbeck Valley in Northumberland for a day trip on the off chance.