Our magazine, “16mm Today”, is typically 76 pages in length, of which 12 or so pages comprise advertisements placed by 16mm traders and organisers of 16mm events. Any new trader or event organiser who wishes to open an account should first contact the Treasurer, Ian Harper, at treasurer@16mm.org.uk to provide details of trading name, name of proprietor, contact address and contact telephone number.

“16mm Today” is published quarterly in February, May, August and November. Traders and event organisers need to prepare their advertisements by the following deadlines:

  • For the May issue, by 1 April.
  • For the August issue, by 1 July.
  • For the November issue, by 1 October.
  • For the February issue, by 1 January.

Advertisements should be sent direct to Alan Regan, who co-ordinates this activity on behalf of the Association:

  • Email for electronic copies of your advertisement: adverts@16mm.org.uk.
  • Surface mail: Alan Regan, 45 Hollow Wood, Olney, MK46 5LZ.

When contacting us for the first time, please provide both your email address and a surface mail contact address and let us know whether you have already informed the Treasurer of your intention to advertise.

The best electronic format to use for your advertisement is a high-resolution PDF, with all fonts and pictures embedded. We make no additional charge for adverts received in this format. If you cannot use this, then Word is the preferred format for text, with any original pictures or diagrams sent electronically in jpg, tiff or eps format. Please also send a drawing or diagram of your proposed advertisement by email in PDF, jpg, tiff or eps format.  If you cannot use any of these methods, please contact us at adverts@16mm.org.uk or on 01234 241150 to discuss the setup of your advert. We will advise the charge for setting up your advert once we understand the scope of the work involved.

We are able to accept the following sizes, orientations and ratios for adverts:

Description A size Height (mm) Width (mm) Ratio of height to width
Whole page, portrait only A4 297 210 1.4 to 1
Half page, landscape A5 148 210 0.7 to 1
Half page, vertical column N/A 297 105 2.8 to 1
Quarter page, portrait only A6 148 105 1.4 to 1
Eighth page, landscape only A7 52 74 0.7 to 1


We will acknowledge receipt of all advertisements submitted by email and if we make any changes to what you provide, we will send you a digital colour proof for you to check before publication. Please send any final changes by email or surface mail, since telephoned changes can be misunderstood.

The Treasurer will issue an invoice after publication. We can provide either a printed or digital copy of the magazine so that you can see your advertisement as printed. Please advise your preference at the time of placing the advert. The invoice will be payable within 30 days. Should it still be outstanding at the copy date for the following magazine, the Association may refuse to accept subsequent advertisements until the outstanding amount is paid.

Like all publishers, the Association continues to experience increases in printing and postage costs.  Please therefore note that with effect from 1st December 2023 advertising rates in 16mm Today magazine will be as follows:

  • Whole page – £150.00 (plus vat)
  • Half page –   £83.00 (plus vat)
  • Quarter page – £54.00 (plus vat)
  • Eighth page – £40.00 (plus vat)

In addition the inside front cover page and facing page (i.e. pages 2 and 3) will be available for full page adverts only and will attract an additional fee of £15.50p plus vat. These will be available on a first come first served basis.