16mm Today (or SMT as it is sometimes affectionately known) is a full-colour magazine published every quarter, during February, May, August and November. (See publication schedule.)

As well as being an inspirational read on all aspects of 16mm modelling, awaited with great anticipation by our members, it builds into a valuable reference to support your modelling activities. 16mm Today aims both to inspire and inform members on all aspects of 16mm modelling.

The first issue of 16mm Today was published back in 1977, and has been published once a quarter ever since then. We reached a landmark in 2014 when issue number 150 was published.

During its long publishing history, 16mm Today has evolved from a typewritten document a few pages long and distributed to a few score members to a full-colour glossy professional magazine, 76 pages long and packed with articles on all aspects of 16mm modelling as well as advertisements from a large number of 16mm traders and suppliers. And our print run has increased to over 4,500 copies each quarter.


The articles in 16mm Today are written by our members, for the benefit of their fellow members. We actively encourage our members to use our magazine to share their modelling experiences – see how to write an article for 16mm Today for guidance on how to do this.

The value of 16mm Today is enhanced by the 16mm Today index and by the availability of back number sales.

Traders and event organisers can place advertisements in 16mm Today – see advertising in 16mm Today for more information, including our current advertising rates. Traders are also welcome to send news of their new products to the 16mm Today editor (email smt.editor@16mm.org.uk) so that these may be featured in the “Goods Shed” section of the magazine. There is no charge for this, but traders should be aware that submissions to the Goods Shed will be published at the discretion of the editor and subject to availability of magazine space.