Victory Project – brief summary and full assembly instructions

In March 2014, the Association completed delivery of a one-off project to build an 0-4-2 Decauville loco as running on the Bredgar & Wormshill Railway in Kent. Former Association Technical Director and Company Secretary Keith Dyer designed the model, using readily available components from Roundhouse Engineering and a bespoke boiler from GB Boiler Services. The Association commissioned and delivered laser cut frames and an etched brass superstructure, plus castings and machined parts. These were supplied to Association members who had registered for the project, who were able separately to order the remaining parts from Roundhouse and GB Boilers Services (or to make their own if they wished).


Over 200 kits were supplied against orders placed – there were none left over as the development costs of the project were borne solely and fully by the project’s subscribers. Many of the kits have been completed, but in case some are still to be built, the step-by-step assembly instructions are provided below. There is also a link to a set of Frequently Asked Question as this provides a full list of the Roundhouse parts. Whilst the project was active, Roundhouse supplied their parts as a kit. This may no longer be possible, hence the need for the list of parts. The prices quoted in the FAQ page may also no longer be accurate.

Note: The total size of all these downloads is 29Mb.

Victory in action

Here are three videos of Keith Dyer’s prototype “Victory” in action: