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26 Aug 2017

Missing Avonside model

2017-08-27T20:39:52+00:00 August 26th, 2017|Shed Notices|Comments Off on Missing Avonside model

Roger Hine of Friog Railway Services reports that a maroon Avonside bogie diesel, with sound and radio control, has been lost in transit despite being shown as delivered by the courier. He would like to make as many people as possible aware of this loco in case it is offered for sale.

Richard Huss, IT Officer

11 Aug 2017

August SMT & Bulletin – on track

2017-08-10T08:26:06+00:00 August 11th, 2017|Shed Notices|Comments Off on August SMT & Bulletin – on track

The August issues of SMT and Bulletin have been uploaded to Warners systems in readiness for printing and posting next week.  Royal Mail is scheduled to collect the packages on Friday 18th for dispatch to UK addresses by First Class Post and to overseas addresses by Air Mail.  If your copy hasn’t arrived by Monday 28th, please contact Warners be email at or by phone on 01778 392016.  Telephone lines are open 8 am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm on Saturdays and Bank Holidays.

Thanks as usual to Suzanne and Gareth for compiling and editing their respective magazines.  I hope you enjoy them when they arrive.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary

20 Jun 2017

“Model of the Month”

2017-06-20T20:15:15+00:00 June 20th, 2017|Shed Notices|Comments Off on “Model of the Month”

Our “Model of the Month” is a very popular part of the Association web site – accounting for just under 10% of all page views. And it’s one section of the site which is very much driven by the membership and their modelling interests, and is a great way for potential members to see what we are about.

But at present we’re a bit short of Model of the Month material. Do you have a model you’d like to write about (doesn’t need to be long) for a future month? Locos, carriages, buildings, structures and trackwork: it’s all of interest. Do get in touch at

Richard Huss – IT Officer

19 May 2017

May SMT & Bulletin – on track

2017-05-19T14:47:26+00:00 May 19th, 2017|Shed Notices|Comments Off on May SMT & Bulletin – on track


The May mailing, comprising SMT, Bulletin, the 40th Anniversary Sticker Sheet and each member’s personalised Public Liability Insurance Certificate, is on schedule for collection today by Royal Mail from Warners Midlands, who perform printing and packaging.  It is being sent to all members who had renewed their membership as at first thing Monday 15th May.  A number of members have renewed after this time – they will receive their May packages toward the end of the month.  Any members who subsequently renews will receive the same package in the week after they renew.  I again encourage any member with a UK bank account who left it this late to renew their membership to take out a Direct Debit for next year’s renewal, which will perhaps help them and will certainly help the Association next year.

Thanks to Gareth for the 100 page bumper edition of SMT, Suzanne for Bulletin and Rod for the Anniversary Sticker Sheet.  I hope you all enjoy it when it arrives.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary

4 May 2017

Membership Renewals

2017-05-04T11:16:38+00:00 May 4th, 2017|Shed Notices|Comments Off on Membership Renewals

I’m pleased to advise that the vast majority of you have renewed your membership for the year to 28th February 2018, but a number have yet to do so. If you’re one of these members, you risk missing the bumper 100 page 40th anniversary issue of SMT, the Anniversary Sticker Sheet, Bulletin and your personal copy of the Public Liability Insurance Certificate which provides cover to 1st June 2018.

Warners will send a reminder tomorrow afternoon to those who have an email address and have so far failed to renew.  If you wish to continue as part of our worldwide body of 16mm scale narrow gauge modellers, please act on the invitation in the email now. The address list for the May mailing will be created first thing on Friday 12th May, so if you haven’t renewed by that date you won’t receive May SMT and the other items above. Note that the on-line renewal sent out by email in February and also in March remains valid so you can still use this.

If a busy life has caused you to overlook previous invitations to renew and you have a UK bank account, please consider taking out a Direct Debit for the current and future renewals. You can do this over the phone and you will be joining over 30% of the membership who already renew this way.

The Association doesn’t apply a surcharge for renewing membership late, but it does incur additional costs when this happens. If you haven’t so far renewed, please help us to minimise these costs by doing so as soon as you see this message.

Our dedicated renewal number is 01778 392016 and telephone lines are open 8 am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm on Saturdays and Bank Holidays, excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Thanks for your support.

Alan Regan, Membership Secretary

25 Apr 2017

Footplate rides on June charter trains

2017-04-25T21:04:09+00:00 April 25th, 2017|Shed Notices|Comments Off on Footplate rides on June charter trains

The draw for footplate rides on the June 10/11th Charter trains took place at the National Garden Railway Show, and the winners were:

Charter One

  • Out: Robert Kirchner
  • Return: Andy Wilkinson

Charter Two

  • Out: Stephen Alliss
  • Return: Anthony Jenkins

Charter Three

  • Out: Iain Pailing
  • Return: Geoff Lumsdon

You might not be able to travel on the footplates, but there are seats still available on the Charter Trains for Association members and their guests. Book now online at or for postal bookings see the February “Bulletin”. Book NOW – postal bookings close at the end of May and online shortly afterwards.

12 Apr 2017

Association Clothing

2017-04-18T12:55:51+00:00 April 12th, 2017|Shed Notices|Comments Off on Association Clothing

Updated 18 March 2017:

This opportunity to order Association clothing has now closed.

Due to the level of demand at the show I am placing a one off further order for Association clothing. This will be placed after Easter on the 18th April so as to give people a week to respond, and will then take around two weeks to be manufactured.  It will again be for Fleece at £20, Polo’s £15 both featuring the 40th Anniversary logo and baseball caps at £8 with the standard logo. Colours are Burgundy, Bottle green or Navy blue.  Once I get the clothing I will let those people who have ordered know what the postage will be.  Payment will be by cheque or PayPal, but don’t forget that PP add their transaction fee.

Please let me know ASAP on if you want to order as part of this, it is a one off opportunity!

Rod Nipper, Marketing and Publicity

16 Mar 2017

Association display shelving for 16mm Landmarks display

2017-03-16T12:56:59+00:00 March 16th, 2017|Shed Notices|Comments Off on Association display shelving for 16mm Landmarks display

I’m pleased to advise that good progress has been made with the display shelving to be used at the forthcoming National Garden Railway Show at the Peterborough Arena on Saturday 8th April.  The images show the first unit complete, with and without shelves.  The units are collapsible and will be stored in the Association’s secure container between shows, to guarantee availability for future shows.

The uprights, back and front members slot together and the shelves clip in place for rapid assembly.  The resultant units are light enough to be moved in built-up form, but very rigid due to the interlock of the various components.  The material used is 18mm and 15mm birch ply, some of which was laser cut and some machined prior to delivery.  An unobtrusive means to attach models to the display is being implemented, primarily for security reasons.

A total of eight units have now been constructed.  All of the uprights and half of the shelves have been varnished.  The remainder will be completed next week and moved to Peterborough prior to the show.  Six units will provide the 16mm Landmarks Display (total 96 feet of display area) and two units will be provide to Member to Member sales (16 feet of display area) to make it easier for members to see what is on offer.

So, if you fancy seeing your 16mm Landmark model in this display, contact Alan Finch ( to discuss the matter.  There’s still some space, but when it’s gone it’s gone!

Finally, thanks to Ted Robinson and Chris Holmes who created the design and sourced the materials.  We’ve worked together in my garage to assemble the units and I can gradually discern the floor again.  Thanks also to my wife Carol who has varnished all the shelves to date (hopefully this Shout Out will encourage her to do the rest :-)).

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary

12 Mar 2017

Anniversary Charter Trains

2017-03-31T11:23:42+00:00 March 12th, 2017|Shed Notices|Comments Off on Anniversary Charter Trains

How about a weekend in Wales riding on two iconic “Great Little Trains” specially chartered for the fortieth anniversary of the Association?

As you may have noticed in the February Bulletin, the weekend of the 10th and 11th June will be an opportunity to enjoy a trip on either the Talyllyn or Welshpool and Llanfair Railways, or indeed both.

Travel with other members of the Association on board our exclusive charter trains, at an absolute bargain price of just £5 per person per train – that’s a saving of at least £11 on the TR and £7.50 on the W&LLR!

At the Talyllyn there are two trains, an exclusive Association BBQ and of course the Llechfan 16mm garden railway as well as the narrow gauge museum.

There’s plenty of parking at both railways and the sooner you book the sooner you can also book some accommodation if you want to make a short break of this Anniversary Charter Weekend.

June might seem a long way ahead, but there are limited seats, and of course once they are taken that’s it! As an added incentive, if you have bought your tickets before Saturday 8th April, and you are at the National Garden Railway Show, then there will be the chance to enter the draw for Footplate Rides on the Charter Trains that will be made at the show!

Ticket sales close on 31st May or as soon as each train is full!

Buy your tickets online

Still undecided? – take a look at some of what you would be missing here:

Buy your tickets online


If you don’t want to buy online then send your order, cheque and SAE to the address on Page 52 of the February Bulletin.

Don’t miss out – book today!

8 Mar 2017

2017 annual DVD

2017-03-09T16:44:48+00:00 March 8th, 2017|Shed Notices|Comments Off on 2017 annual DVD

A small number of members (less than 30) have reported problems with their DVD, either failure to read at all or failure to read all tracks.  A sample of faulty DVDs have been analysed by the replication factory and have been found to be physically damaged.  The damage may not be visible to the naked eye but will have occurred in transit, most probably as a result of an attempt to fold the package in which they were delivered.

The DVDs were tack glued at Warners by machine to the front cover of Bulletin and the DVD was not visible through the foil.  This was intentional but may have been inadvisable as anyone handling the package will have been unaware of the contents.  I collected a quantity of DVDs from Warners and personally tested over 20 DVDs at random.  None exhibited any problems, which reinforces my view that the DVDs received by Warners were in good condition.

Please can I therefore ask members to test their DVD within the next 10 days and report any issues to Warners.  Replacements are available, but the Association will incur a cost for every one supplied, so please don’t request one just in case yours is faulty, do test it first.  Warners will inform me of any replacements made.  If sufficient DVDs need replacement, a further supply will be arranged from the replication supplier, but I need to know now how many to order, hence the request to test your DVD as soon as possible.

Warners can be emailed at or phoned on 01778 392016.  Telephone lines are open 8 am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm on Saturdays.  Please quote your membership number or post code when you contact them.

Alan Regan, Chairman & Membership Secretary