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“Please read the notices before you leave the shed.”

26 Oct 2018

New Association Branded Clothing Supplier

2018-10-26T16:40:11+01:00October 26th, 2018|Shed Notices|Comments Off on New Association Branded Clothing Supplier

As Members may be aware, our previous branded clothing supplier ceased trading earlier in the year. Your Board have considered a number of options with regard to this service to the membership and have reached agreement with a company called Logopolis to be our new supplier.

Logopolis are able to offer a considerably extended range of products all branded with our logo, with the additional facility of adding additional text (your name, local club or layout etc) as you wish at the time of ordering.

Orders are placed via a dedicated online site, which may be found at the following web address:

We have initially identified seven products from the extensive range Logopolis offer (see their general website at More products can be added at Members’ request to the Company Secretary, who will act as our principal contact with Logopolis.

Regretfully there is a £7.20 per order delivery charge levied, though if you are ordering as a local group this will have little impact on the overall cost.

Logopolis have agreed to attend the National Garden Railway Show next April and will offer a limit range of products for sale on the day along with the ability to accept online orders.

Mike Riley, Company Secretary

10 Oct 2018

2019 Association Members’ DVD

2018-10-10T11:59:53+01:00October 10th, 2018|Shed Notices|Comments Off on 2019 Association Members’ DVD

It’s that time of year again when we ask for contributions to the annual Association Members DVD video presentations.  University work has had to take priority for Zach this year so the Brockle Broadcasting team have taken charge of collecting and editing contributions and producing the DVD.

What we are looking for are short video pieces that appeal to a wide audience of 16mm Association members.  These need to be members own footage and not copyright material “borrowed” from other sources, and preferably not footage that you have already published as we get complaints if it’s been seen elsewhere!

The Association retains the right to accept / reject and to edit all footage submitted.

Now we don’t want to badger you, but as in past years it would make our job a whole lot easier if contributions could adhere to a few simple principles…

  • Resolution – 1080p “High Definition” for preference, “2K” or “4K” can also be accepted although these can be massive files, 720 at a pinch, but nothing less as the image will be much smaller than anything else or unacceptably grainy.
  • Frame rate : 25 or 50 frames per second “PAL” format – NB : video recorded on phones, tablets, drones and some “action cameras” can default to basically the American NTSC 29/30 or 60 frames and the entire file has to be rendered to make it compatible with other footage and the DVD making process, this not only takes a phenomenal time, but often results in some jerky looking footage
  • Please don’t add music! – not only do we get complaints, but music can cause copyright issues and make it impossible to re-edit the footage if this is necessary.
  • Clip length – generally somewhere between five and ten minutes seems to go down well. Shorter will be considered as will longer, but the latter needs to be really engaging!
  • Content – garden meetings, railways in action, techniques / how to’s, special builds (but not in real time!), overview / tour of garden railways, prototype action, heritage – both model and prototype, and so on.

Footage needs to be with me by 10th December 2018 to be edited and for the DVD to be manufactured.

Email for details of how to send your footage.

Thank you in anticipation.

Rod Nipper, Publicity Officer

17 Aug 2018

August mailing

2018-08-17T13:40:35+01:00August 17th, 2018|Shed Notices|Comments Off on August mailing

I’ve received confirmation from Warners that the August editions of SMT and Bulletin will be collected by Royal Mail this afternoon, so should start arriving with UK addresses from tomorrow.  Mailing to overseas recipients is as usual by Air Mail and arrival dates will vary by country.  Thanks to Gareth and Suzanne for all their work and to the members who contributed to these issues.  SMT includes a fold-out page to accommodate some plans.  I look forward to receiving my own copy to see what these are!

Alan Regan, Chairman & Membership Secretary

10 Jul 2018

“Model of the Month” submissions

2018-07-10T20:56:34+01:00July 10th, 2018|Shed Notices|Comments Off on “Model of the Month” submissions

Model of the Month” is one of the most popular sections of the Association web site – around 10% of all page views. It’s very much driven by the membership and our modelling interests, and is a great way for potential members to see what we are about – and for you to share what you have been building recently.

But we’re a bit short of Model of the Month material just now. Do you have a model you’d like to write about – doesn’t need to be long? Locos, carriages, buildings, structures and trackwork: whatever it is, do get in touch at

Richard Huss – IT Officer

10 Jul 2018

Association Clothing

2018-07-10T10:14:26+01:00July 10th, 2018|Shed Notices|Comments Off on Association Clothing

Unfortunately Welbeck Sports, our supplier of Association branded clothing, has ceased trading, and so it is not currently possible for members to order Association branded items.

The board will consider whether to seek a new supplier for these items.

7 Jun 2018

Help needed – engineering tool suppliers at the 2019 National Garden Railway Show

2018-10-08T21:18:29+01:00June 7th, 2018|Shed Notices|Comments Off on Help needed – engineering tool suppliers at the 2019 National Garden Railway Show

A regular comment from visitors to the National Garden Railway Show is that there are insufficient engineering tool suppliers present.  Trader Co-ordinator Carol Regan invites tool suppliers each year, including those who attend other shows and those suggested by members, but all declined this year’s show for a variety of reasons, some plausible, others less so.

These are commercial enterprises who you’d expect would weigh the cost of attending against likely profit.  Not attending what is the biggest show of its type in the UK suggests that they don’t think they’d make a profit.  It might change their views if Carol could provide them with the potential level of interest in what they supply.  If she could supplement this with information about the types of products that visitors might be interested in, this might strengthen the argument to participate.

Please can you take a moment to complete this survey.  Responses are anonymous.  Results will be summarised to tool suppliers when Carol sends out invitations to the 2019 National Garden Railway Show in August.  Thanks for your time and support.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary

Our thanks for the many responses to the survey, which has now closed.

21 May 2018

Video from 2017 Association charter trains

2018-05-21T20:55:55+01:00May 21st, 2018|Shed Notices|Comments Off on Video from 2017 Association charter trains

Rod Nipper has edited and uploaded his videos from the two Association charter trains in 2017.

On Saturday 10th June, two charter trains ran on the Talyllyn Railway:

Then, on Sunday 11th June we were on the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway:

The video and minutes of the 2018 AGM have also recently been added to the AGM Minutes and Accounts page.

18 May 2018

May mailing

2018-05-18T17:47:55+01:00May 18th, 2018|Shed Notices|Comments Off on May mailing

The May issues of SMT & Bulletin are on their way.  They were collected from Warners by Royal Mail today and should start arriving with UK addresses from tomorrow.  Mailing to overseas recipients is as usual by Air Mail and arrival dates will vary by country.  Thanks again to Suzanne and Gareth for all their hard work and to the members who contributed to the contents of these issues.

You personal Public Liability Insurance Certificate valid from 1st June 2018 is on the back of the address carrier sheet used to send your copies.  I recommend that you retain it in case you need to prove that your membership is current.  A non-personalised but nevertheless valid certificate will be available on our web site from 1st June.

Alan Regan, Chairman & Membership Secretary


9 May 2018

General Data Protection Regulations – Association Data Protection Policy

2018-05-09T09:53:33+01:00May 9th, 2018|Shed Notices|Comments Off on General Data Protection Regulations – Association Data Protection Policy

The Association’s Data Protection Policy was adopted at a Board Meeting on Saturday 5th May.  The policy describes what data we capture and what we use it for.  Your data is used to:

  • Deliver Association publications and paper correspondence
  • Communicate with you by email and/or phone if you choose to provide this data
  • Enable you to choose which of postal address, email and telephone number are provided to other members either on request to the Membership Secretary or in the annual membership lists
  • Manage your membership of the Association

Data is restricted to that needed for the above purposes and comprises:

  • Your membership number, membership type and subscription expiry date
  • Your full name including title and initials
  • Your postal address
  • Your phone number if you’ve provided this
  • Your email address if you’ve provided this
  • The names of any family members if you’ve chosen a Family Member subscription
  • The date on which you joined the Association
  • Your publication preferences in the annual membership lists regarding full name, postal address, phone number and email address

If you haven’t provided a publication preference we will not publish the data to which that publication preference applies.  If you choose to publish any of your data, your name and the data you choose to publish will appear in the applicable country/county section of the membership lists, as well as in the by-surname and by-membership number lists.

Data is captured and processed on a contractual or legitimate interest basis, so that we can deliver publications and other tangible benefits of membership, manage your subscription and observe your publication preferences in the annual membership lists.

We will continue to provide you with a copy of your membership data in November each year, on the reverse of the address carrier sheet used to deliver the November mailing.  The exception to this will be provision of the names of family members, which data will be available on request to Warners Group Publications or the Membership Secretary.  It is extremely difficult to provide this using the established process for other data and I trust that this will continue to be acceptable to those with Family Membership type.

If at any time you need to know what data we hold, please contact Warners Group Publications using the contact details in Bulletin.  Warners are also the point of contact for any data changes, including deletion of any or all your data.

Alan Regan, Membership Secretary and Data Protection Officer

5 Apr 2018

Small Boiler and LPG Tank Test Codes

2018-04-05T19:43:45+01:00April 5th, 2018|Shed Notices|Comments Off on Small Boiler and LPG Tank Test Codes

In my last briefing to members, in my Chairman’s Column in February 2018 SMT, I anticipated that the revised codes would be issued 1st March 2018.  In the event it took a little longer to finalise them than expected, but the work is now done.  I’m pleased to advise that the codes are available for download and/or printing, on the insurance page of our web site.  Concurrent with the release of the codes, the insurance page has been revised, with major changes to the section headed Insurance Conditions Relating to Boilers and Gas Tanks.  A pressure vessel certificate, covering boilers and/or LPG tanks, is also available, which can be used to record hydraulic test(s) (if needed) and records of annual inspections and safety tests.  A completed sample will be added to the page in due course.

These codes are specific to small boilers under 3 bar.litres and LPG tanks under 250ml, which covers the vast majority of 16mm live steam locos.  The expectations I set in my August 2017 column in SMT remain true:

  • The codes do not envisage repeat hydraulic testing of small boilers or gas tanks unless repairs or changes have been made.
  • Hydraulic test certificates provided under earlier versions of the Association’s test codes remain valid.
  • Test certificates provided by commercial manufacturers will still be accepted as proof of successful completion of the initial hydraulic test.
  • The only change is for brass boilers, where a hydraulic test certificate will be valid for three years from the date of issue.
  • There has been no change to our Public Liability Insurance policy, which provides cover whether these codes are followed or not.
  • Members can still perform their own annual safety tests – these do not require the participation of an Inspector.
  • For most members, the only change is use of a different test record, but existing records will remain valid if they adequately cover the locomotive concerned.  As an example, the existing record could be used for a coal or meths fired loco until all rows on the form have been used.
  • There is no change to the basis on which members can run their locos at the National Garden Railway Show this coming Saturday 7th April at the Peterborough Arena.

For the first time we now have a gas tank test code.  This includes simple, non-intrusive safety tests in sections 13 and 14, which the codes recommend at five year intervals.  The new pressure vessel certificate provides for recording these tests, so you may choose to move to the new form on a loco by loco basis when these tests fall due.

I’d like to stress again that following these codes is entirely voluntary.  The Board continues to recommend safety testing as described in the codes.  It remains the case that event organisers or venue owners may have different requirements, but they may equally accept this hobby-wide set of test and safety codes.

Technical Director Mark Rennie will be on the Steam Model Loco stand at Saturday’s National Show along with Keith Bucklitch, who did much early work on these codes.  They will be available to answer questions, or to provide practical advice on safety testing.  Alternatively, email Mark at

Finally, thanks to Fred Roberts, Keith and Mark, all who worked with me on these codes within MELG, and to the other members of MELG, who participated actively in their review.  This was a team effort.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary