I regret to advise that this mailing is held within Royal Mail due to a problem with our account.  We cannot rectify this until Monday, so it will be Tuesday 16th February at the earliest before our magazines start to arrive at UK addresses.  Those being sent overseas are expected to distribute at the same time.

SMT and Bulletin are available on our Members Only web site.  If you haven’t received an invitation to activate your account on the site, or can’t find it, please email members.site@16mm.org.uk providing your surname, membership number and post code and we’ll send an invitation as soon as we can.

I’m disappointed not to have heard the resounding thud of my magazines arriving and I’m sure that this feeling will be shared by many of you who were probably looking forward to a good read this weekend.  It’s also a great disappointment to all who contributed to what we thought had been another successful mailing.  There is nothing more that we can do until Monday.  I will provide a further update on Shed Notices as soon as the problem has been resolved.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary