I explained in my Membership Column on page three of November 2020 Bulletin that I was preparing to release digital subscriptions for Overseas membership categories.  This work is almost complete and launch is scheduled for Tuesday 1st December 2020.  There will be a single rate for all overseas geographies and this same subscription will be available to existing Overseas members at renewal time in early 2021.

The digital subscription will be limited to Overseas members for the time being.  I explained in Bulletin that providing new members with access to their digital subscription is at present a manual process which I execute.  I risk overload if I open up the new subscription to all membership categories.  Having now done this for some weeks, I know that delays in provision of access causes concern and tarnish the experience of joining.  As soon as an automatic process has been developed, I’ll open it up to all categories.

I also referred in Bulletin to the expected need to increase the cost of subscription rates outside the UK and continental Europe.  This will now occur on 1st December concurrent with the launch of the Overseas Digital subscription rate.  The new rates will apply to renewals in 2021.  Please wait for your invitation, which will be sent in late January 2021, to renew your subscription for the coming year.  It is not possible to renew until the invitation has been sent out.  Finally and for the avoidance of doubt, the subscription rates within the UK and continental Europe will not change for 2021.

Alan Regan, Chairman & Membership Secretary