Dear all,

Many thanks indeed to our contributors last year and those who have already sent in content for the annual DVD. I must apologies for being a little late this year for this reminder but we are still looking for contributions to the DVD. We’d ideally MP4 or MOV PAL, format files at 25 or 50 frames per second, without music (as high quality as possible) to be sent via Dropbox or similar with a link sent by email to: (Any queries should be fielded to this address also.) We’d like each video to be fewer than 10 minutes long. There is still time to get out into the garden with a camera and enjoy the enhanced steam effects the colder weather affords us, or perhaps you have some footage taken over the summer languishing on an SD card?

We’d be particularly grateful for any “How to” instructional videos on any garden railway topic – for example weathering, coal firing or point construction. There have also been requests for more overall shots showing how the railway fits into the garden – perhaps showing a track plan as part of the video may be of benefit to those members who are currently planning their own garden railways?

I wrote a few words on some ideas last year which are still relevant – you can read them here – On filming.

I look forward to receiving your videos!

Zach Bond (of the DVLR)