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Special Members’ Offer

Thank you for your interest in the dehydrated water offer. Unfortunately as a result of Storm Katie, the Original Welsh Water Company’s dehydration plant was flooded over the Bank Holiday weekend, and we do not expect supplies to be available again till April Fools day next year.

owwcLimited time offer – register your interest NOW!

For many years both full size and model steam engine operators have been concerned about the quality of the water that they put into their boilers, and the damage that impurities and chemical imbalances can cause. British Railways and ICI developed the Alfloc system and modern products such as Polytan 4F are currently used by heritage railways.

In models the use of de-ionised and distilled water has been hotly debated and at least one 16mm manufacturer offers a physical filtering system for water treatment. However the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers has teamed up with The Original Welsh Water Company to bring the benefits of pure Welsh water to its worldwide membership.

Sustainably abstracted from Welsh mountain aquifers the Original Welsh Water Company triple filters the water through activated charcoal and micro mesh slate filter beds to purify it before passing it through the Patented Reduced Aquatic Treatment System, as certified by The Water Industry Technical Subcommittee, a state of the art patented system to dehydrate the product and hermetically package it so that it meets international standards for worldwide distribution.

The Association is delighted to be offering its members a trial pack of dehydrated Original Welsh Water for a strictly limited time as one of the current member benefits.

To register for your trial pack, send your name and membership number to water.offer@16mm.org.uk. Register now! – Offer ends at midday on 1st April 2016.

Pam Morgan, spokeswoman for the company said, “We are delighted to be working with the Association to provide members with the benefits of our product.”

Dehydrated water from the Original Welsh Water Company

Instructions for use: Trial pack makes 5 litres of boiler feed water. To use your trial pack you will need to provide your own clean plastic 5 litre container, ideally made from an opaque plastic. Careful open the trial pack by cutting along the red dotted line and empty the contents, taking care not to spill it, into the container. Top up with five litres of cooled water from your kettle or drinking water filter (e.g.: Brita) to maintain the highest purity standards. Enjoy the benefits of dehydrated water from the Original Welsh Water Company in your model boilers.

Caution: Please read and make sure you fully understand the instructions before use.

Warning: This product is not to be used without supervision. May cause drowning if inhaled. If accidentally splashed on skin, apply copious towels or other soft absorbent material. May cause irritation to young people with a known allergy to H2O. If in doubt use eye protection and gloves when handling.

For full chemical analysis and product data sheet tel: 0800 0104 2016

Recommended mean operating temperature between 32 and 212 degrees F at one atmosphere.

Store in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Use by date: 12:00 01.04.16

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