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Online renewal invitations

Invitations to renew your subscription online are being sent today to most members who elect to use this facility. The email will not come from an Association address as in the past but it will be clear that it’s from the Subscription Management team at Warners (look for “on behalf of …” in the sender’s email address). To enable you further to reassure yourself that the invitation is genuine, if available, a fragment of your personal data in included in the invitation. This won’t compromise your security as it’s a very small fragment. If the data isn’t available then “No data held” will be shown.

The email can also be opened in a Web browser if the formatting in the invitation has been lost. The link to do this is top right in the email.

A small number of members who elect to renew online will receive their invitation later in the week. This delay will enable us to reduce and hopefully avoid any need to enter the delivery address for SMT manually. This affects about 200 UK and overseas members with addresses where, for example, our data stores a house name but no street address, or where local address formatting puts the house name after the street name. We will work hard to avoid any compromise to delivery address and the reliable receipt of you magazine. A further post will be made when the necessary changes have been made.

The renewal process has been tested extensively and as part of this, a how-to document has been created. I do not think that members will need this as the testers found everything required in the instructions within the invitation, but it is here if needed. There are two things which this testing shows should be highlight to member who elect to renew via Direct Debit:

  • When entering account number and sort code on the online direct debit mandate, use the tab key to move between boxes
  • Don’t be concerned if an unexpected name and/or street address if you look this up from the sort code using the button provided on the same form – this data base been provided by the banks and building societies and may reflect where they want direct debit mandates to be sent.

Finally, if you have problems with your renewal please contact Warners by phone or email. Their contact details are provide in the invitation. I cannot fix individual problems but I am very interested in feedback on your experience. As I have already said, it’s different to last year but offers facilities which we were unable to offer in the past.

Alan Regan, Chairman & Membership Secretary

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