An introduction by Ken Matticks

The 16mm narrow gauge modelling e-group was the first of the e-groups to be devoted to the 15mm/16mm modelling of narrow gauge prototypes.  This group now numbers almost 2000 members, many of whom are members of the Association.  We welcome new members, especially new-comers to the hobby.

Whereas other e-groups are focused on a particular area of the hobby – locomotive building or greater outdoor realism, for example – the 16mmngm e-group discusses all aspects of 15mm/16mm modelling both in the garden and indoors.  There are even occasional discussions of prototype narrow gauge railways. Some truly talented modellers in our scale are members of the group and almost any question put to the group will get well thought out responses.

Group members share photographs of their models or prototypes, although all photo submissions are limited to 100 Kb. The only other set rule is that all messages be sent in plain text; no HTML or RTF messages. The overriding principle for the group is that we are all members of this group to have fun, and sharp comments or political or other off-topic messages are strongly discouraged.

For further information on the group, you may contact me at or you can join our Group by navigating to