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Chris and Eileen Moody
01223 864029 from 08:30am to 6pm weekdays only
The South Arbury Railway - 2 scale miles of 32mm gauge double track with curves of no less than 7' radius & gradients of no more than 1 in 200 on the main line or 1 in 40 with double spirals on the optional branch line. The Ttarrag Shed layout will also be open for running on this occasion, curves of no less than 4'.
Loco-Boxes products will be available and also guided tours of the workshop facility.
Additional Information:
This event is dedicated to the running of all Beyer-Garratt type locos only, we will have open days later in the year for other/all types of locos. We also hope to have the first public steaming of the new Elstow Engineering G42 Garratt on this day. To confirm attendance, please email, or call us from 8:30am to 6pm weekdays only.