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Chris and Eileen Moody
01223 864029 from 08:30am to 6pm weekdays only
The South Arbury Railway - 2 scale miles of 32mm gauge double track with curves of no less than 7' radius & gradients of no more than 1 in 200 on the main line or 1 in 40 with double spirals on the optional branch line. The Ttarrag Shed layout will also be open for running on this occasion, curves of no less than 4'.
Loco-Boxes products will be available and also guided tours of the workshop facility.
Additional Information:
This event is dedicated to the running of all Roundhouse Bertie, Sammie or Millie class locos & all derivatives of them only, we will have open days later in the year for other/all types of locos. To confirm attendance, please email, or call us from 8:30am to 6pm weekdays only.