I’m pleased to advise that we have secured a catering unit inside the main hall at Saturday 27th April’s National Show at the NAEC, Stoneleigh Park.  This will include tables and chairs, so that you can enjoy light refreshment, a sit down, a chat with your friends and still watch some of the layouts and soak up the atmosphere of the show.  This is in addition to the 200 seater Stroller’s Cafe, where a wider range of refreshments will be available.  Strollers is linked to and a few steps from the main hall, so there’s no need to step outside.

If you’re either a volunteer steward at the show, or an exhibitor, the in-hall catering unit will also be open on Friday afternoon as we set the show up.  The unit is being installed before we set up, so we plan to open from 13:00 on the Friday.

The venue is really working with us to offer flexible catering to meet a range of needs.  They want the show to be a success as much as we do and I’m grateful for their support.

Hope to see you at the show in just over six weeks!

Alan Regan, Show Director