Preparation for our National Show on Saturday 27th April is well advanced.  The show is full, though we haven’t had to turn anyone away, we have a wide variety of layouts, some new to the show, and the show guide is almost ready for distribution.  So it’s time to look for people to help us run it and make it successful on our return to the NAEC at Stoneleigh for the first time since 2011!

Chief Steward Stuart Timms has already approached people who have stewarded in the past, but inevitably some aren’t now available.  So could any of you give up a couple of hours of your time to help run the biggest garden railway show in the country?  This qualifies you for free entry to the show and a refreshment voucher to use before or after your duty.  We have a range of jobs that need doing and we’ll work with you to find a job that best matches your preferences and capabilities.  The least popular job in the past has been stewarding the car park.  Good news, venue staff do that this year!

Hard work as running the show can be, it can also be a lot of fun and there’s a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction when it’s all done and we hand the venue back to the NAEC early on Saturday evening.  If you’d like to be part of this please email Stuart at or me at

Thanks in advance.

Alan Regan, Show Director