The November mailing of SMT and Bulletin is scheduled for collection by Royal Mail from Warners Midlands in Bourne later this week. The entire mailing to UK and overseas members will be collected at the same time. Mailing to UK members is First Class. There are no significant mail delays at the time of writing. Information for the UK can be found here.

Mailing to overseas members is by Air Mail. There are no major delays expected to non-UK mailings. Further information regarding mailing to addresses outside the UK can be found here.

SMT and Bulletin will be available on our Members Site from 09:00 on Saturday 11th November. If you haven’t received an invitation to activate your account on the site, or can’t find it, please email providing your surname, membership number and post code and we’ll send an invitation as soon as we can.

Many thanks as always go to the editors for both magazines; Mick Blowfield for SMT and Richard Huss for Bulletin. Thanks to them for getting their magazines out on time. Also thanks to all the members who have contributed to them. Your input is both welcome and valuable to the editors in being able to present interesting publications. I hope you enjoy reading what I’m sure will again be high quality magazines.

Tom Rowland, Membership Secretary