Advance entry tickets for the National Garden Railway Show, which takes place on Saturday 25th June 2022 at the Peterborough Arena, are on sale in the Association ticket shop.  Adult entry tickets are £14 each and junior entry tickets are as in the past free.  We’re also able to offer a shuttle bus from Peterborough railway station to the venue.  The first departure to the Arena will be 09:00 from outside the railway station, the second at 09:45.  The full shuttle bus timetable will appear in the Show Guide which will accompany May’s issues of SMT and Bulletin and is here on our show web site.  Adult return tickets are £10 each, which is half the current price of a return journey using a taxi.  Junior return tickets are again free.

We plan to sell entry tickets and shuttle bus tickets on the day, but you may need to queue to buy your ticket and in the case of shuttle bus tickets, we’ll be selling them at the Arena as you arrive, which may delay you getting into the show.  Paper advance entry tickets will also be available via the May issues of Bulletin.

Online sales of advance entry tickets will end at 09:00 on Thursday 23rd June.  Requests for paper advance entry tickets must be received by Friday 17th June, to give time for them to be posted back to you.

Ticket holders may enter the site from 09:00 to take advantage of the toilets and catering facilities in the Peterborough Suite and outside immediately adjacent to the entrances to the Foyer.  Anyone who has bought a ticket in advance will be allowed into the Atrium and straight on into Main Hall of the show from 09:30.  Those who buy tickets on the day will be allowed into the Atrium and Main Hall from 10:00.  This differential is to encourage purchase in advance, which greatly eases the burden on the volunteers who run the show on the day.

When you buy your ticket online, we email your tickets to you there and then and ask that you print them out on receipt and store them safely for the day of the show.  Please don’t wait until the day before the show to print your tickets.  If you experience difficulty, the people who can help you will be busy setting up the show.  If you turn up on the day without having printed your ticket, your entry to the show risks being delayed whilst we swap you advance entry ticket for an on-the-day ticket.

This will be our first show since the Covid-19 pandemics of 2020 and 2021.  We want you to feel safe and to enjoy yourselves.  We’re organising the show to avoid indoor queues or massing of visitors, which is why we’re encouraging purchase of tickets in advance, and direct entry from the Atrium into the Main Hall, to avoid lots of people having to stand shoulder to shoulder waiting for entry into the Main Hall.  Almost all the hobby’s current traders will be present, plus preservation societies and over a dozen layout.  MotY and M2M will make a welcome return.  The show promises to be back to its pre-Covid vibrant self.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Acting Show Director