Larry and his Garratts and Shay, taken on Chris Moody’s line in 2011

I’m very sad to report that Larry Cheeseman, long time Association and Bedfordshire Area Group member, died on 3rd April after a battle with cancer.  He was 87.  Larry will be more widely known as a builder of 16mm scale locomotives.  He built over 200 of the Danny and James diesel, simple but robust and hefty battery powered metal-built locos with enough umph to pull a stranded train.  He also built a number of prototype and free-lance Garratts and models of the Bowaters/W&LLR “Monarch” and W&LLR “Sir Derfaldwyn”, along with a number of other one-offs.  Failing eyesight caused him to give up building some years ago, but he remained involved with the hobby and had a plethora of stories to tell about his time as a model maker, which stretched well beyond 16mm scale, as well as his colourful life in general.  Larry will be missed by those who knew him, especially members of the Beds Area Group.  He didn’t seem to let deteriorating health get him down, which is surely an inspiration to us all.

He is survied by his partner Shiela, to whom I extend the Association’s condolences.

Details of Larry’s funeral will be released in due course.

Alan Regan, Chairman