Membership Subscriptions for the year commencing 1st March 2022

Membership Subscriptions for the year commencing 1st March 2022

The first part of this post applies to those who pay their subscription by Direct Debit:

The claim was made today and the claimant is Warners Group Publications, who provide this service on the Association’s behalf.  If you use internet banking you can verify that the claim has been successful by reviewing your account.  My thanks to the many members who have taken out new Direct Debits this year.  You may not see the claim for this year’s subscription until 1st April, depending on how early in February you completed your renewal.

The remainder of this post applies to those who have not yet renewed their subscription:

Reminders will be sent out later today to those for whom we store an email address.

Please take just a few moments to read the instructions provided before clicking the relevant link in the email.  The instructions are divided into three sections.  The first section is for members who have joined online or renewed online in the past, the second is for those who haven’t used the online renewal system in the past, and the last is for members who wish to renew over the phone or by cheque.

If you renew online, depending on the screen size you use, you may need to scroll down to find the renewal option that you want.  Please also pay particular attention to what you select.  If you see a NEW subscription in your shopping basket as opposed to a subscription RENEWAL, you are about to pay £3 extra to renew for the coming year.  Please go back, empty your basket, review the instructions and start again.  This has affected just five renewals so far this year but it won’t happen if the instructions are followed.  Remember also that you can change the type of membership subscription if what you’ve had in the past no longer meets your needs.  You can also take out a Direct Debit to renew your subscription if you wish.

Finally, and this primarily affects members renewing from outside the UK, if you try to renew with a debit card and it fails, use a credit card.  We are obliged to implement secure anti-fraud measures, called 3D Secure, and some overseas banks appear not yet to have implemented them fully for debit cards, whereas most seem to have done so for credit cards.  If none of your cards work, contact me at and I’ll arrange for Warners to phone you to take your payment.

If you have queries or difficulty, please contact Warners at or at the phone number in the email.  If after two working days you haven’t received or aren’t satisfied with the response, please contact me at

Alan Regan and Tom Rowland, Membership Team


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