February 2022 mailing of SMT & Bulletin

February 2022 mailing of SMT & Bulletin

The February mailing of SMT and Bulletin is scheduled for collection by Royal Mail from Warners Midlands in Bourne today, 11th February.  The entire mailing to UK and overseas members will be collected at the same time.

Mailing to UK members is First Class, so packages will start to arrive from Saturday 12th.  There are no delays due to Coronavirus are the time of writing.  Information for the UK can be found here.

Mailing to overseas members is by Air Mail.  Delivery times may be affected by ongoing COVID-19 reduction measures and reduced air transport capacity.  Further information regarding mailing to addresses outside the UK can be found here.

Membership renewal instructions are on page 3 of Bulletin.  If you haven’t so far renewed your subscription and need to do so, please act on this instructions as soon as possible to avoid the risk of forgetting and allowing your membership to lapse.

SMT and Bulletin will be available on our Members Only web site from 09:00 on Saturday 12th February.  If you haven’t received an invitation to activate your account on the site, or can’t find it, please email members.site@16mm.org.uk providing your surname, membership number and post code and we’ll send an invitation as soon as we can.

Thanks to editors Gareth Jones (SMT) and Dave Gordon (Bulletin) for getting their magazines out on time, and to all the members who contributed to both of them.  Your input is as welcome as it is critical to the editors being able to present vibrant and interesting magazines.  I hope you enjoy what I’m sure will again be an enjoyable read.

Alan Regan, Chairman & Membership Secretary

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