2022 Association Membership Subscription Renewals

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2022 Association Membership Subscription Renewals

Invitations to renew your subscription for the membership year commencing 1st March 2022 are scheduled to be sent by email during tomorrow, Wednesday 26th January.  You will be sent an invitation unless:

  • You have joined the Association since 1st December 2021, have already renewed your subscription or pay your subscription by Direct Debit
  • You have indicated that you do not wish to renew your subscription
  • We do not have a valid email address stored against your membership record

If you wish to act on the invitation, please take time to read the instructions provided, which are divided into three sections.  The first is for members who have joined online or renewed online in the past, the second is for those who haven’t used the online renewal system in the past, and the last is for members who wish to renew over the phone number.  If you want to renew by cheque please wait for February Bulletin, due for publication on Saturday 12th February.  The renewal instructions will be on page three.

Please pay particular attention to the renewal option you select.  If you see a NEW subscription in your shopping basket as opposed to a subscription RENEWAL, you are about to pay £3 extra to renew for the coming year.  Please go back, empty your basket and start again.  This will not happen if you follow the instructions, but every year a small number of new subscriptions are taken out which were intended as renewals, creating extra work for Tom, me and the renewals team at Warners.  Remember also that you can change the type of membership subscription if what you’ve had in the past no longer meets your needs.  You can also take out a Direct Debit to renew your subscription if you wish.

If you have queries or difficulty, please contact Warners at 16mmNGM@warnersgroup.co.uk or by phone number on 01778 392016 (outside the UK call 00 44 1778 392016).  Likewise, if you expect to but don’t receive an invitation, please contact Warners.  We’re unable to send out invitations ourselves.  If after two working days you haven’t received or aren’t satisfied with the response, please contact me at membership@16mm.org.uk.

Alan Regan and Tom Rowland, Membership Team

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