I am extremely pleased to announce that Tom Rowland, a member in the West London area, has volunteered to succeed me as Membership Secretary.  Tom has been a member since 2003 and his motivation for coming forward is that, a bit like me 14 years ago, he wants to give something back to our wonderful hobby and support our great Association.  Tom, I think you know how much I appreciate this, but it’s never a bad thing to say how you feel!

Tom’s been unnanimously co-opted onto the board and he and I are spending time together online every week so that I can pass to him more and more aspects of the role.  He’s already managing most of the Members Site activity, creating new member acounts and administering changes, so don’t be surprised if you hear from him on these matters instead of me.  Tom will take over other activities in the weeks and months ahead and our objective is that I hand over to him completely and stand down at the AGM at the National Garden Railway Show on Saturday 25th June, later this year.  I will stay on as Data Protection Officer, but will stand down as a director.

The Board will then elect a new Chairman from amongst their ranks.  Our next online board meeting is late this month and I’m sure that this will be a topic of discussion.  I will make a further announcement after the meeting.

Alan Regan, Chairman & Membership Secretary