The August mailing of SMT & Bulletin was collected by Royal Mail from Warners Midlands in Bourne yesterday.  Royal Mail have resumed delivery to UK addresses on a Saturday, so some members will receive theirs today.  I understand however that first class letter delivery still varies across the country, so receipt may be spread over the coming days.

Mailing to overseas members is as usual by Air Mail, but delivery times are still affected by the pandemic, so copies may take longer to arrive than was the case in the past.  Further information of the mailing situation from the UK to countries overseas can be found here.

SMT and Bulletin will be available on our Members Only web site from 09:00 today, 15th August.  If you haven’t received an invitation to activate your account on the site, or can’t find it, please email providing your surname, membership number and post code and we’ll send an invitation as soon as we can.

I’d like to thank SMT Editor Gareth Jones and Bulletin Editor Dave Gordon for again completing full issues of their magazines, and to everyone who contributed to the content.  I hope you enjoy yours when it arrives, or when you read it online, and that it provides enjoyment and inspiration in what remain difficult times for many of us.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary