The certificate providing cover to 1st June 2021 has been added to the Insurance page on this site.  A personalised copy of the certificate bearing the member’s name can be printed from our Members Only web site here. If you cannot access the site, please contact

You’ll note that the certificate looks different to that issued in the past.  Walker Midgely, who provide the insurance, are using a new underwriter, which has brought about the change.  The certificate shows that the Association has Public Liability cover, up to the indemnity limit shown, the dates of cover, our details and policy number, and therefore demonstrates the existence of the cover.  All groups taking this cover from Walker Midgely will use the same certificate.  However, we have queried the removal of terms which existed on the certificate in previous years.  If this results in a change to the certificate, a revised version will be issued both here and on our Members Only site, and a further Shed Notice will be made.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary