If you’ve followed updates to the previous post on this topic, you’ll have seen that all members for whom we have an email address have been invited to access the site.  If you’ve been expecting an invitation and haven’t receive one, please look in your Spam folder.  Equally, please make sure you’re looking in the email account registered in your Association membership record.  Both situations have occurred more than once over the last 10 days.  If you’re not sure what email address is registered or need to change it, please contact Warners at 16mmNGM@warnersgroup.co.uk.  Warners will confirm the change, which might take a day or two.  Neither Richard nor I can change your email address on Warners systems, so once it’s done, send an email to members.site@16mm.org.uk so that Richard can update your account or issue a new invite.

Over 1,600 members have so far accessed the site, most with no issues whatsoever.  Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  A handful of members have complained about the need for a strong password, for which we make no apology.  This is a resource for current members only, and we would rightly be criticised if we didn’t employ industry best practice to access the site.  There have been a small number of issues, generally with first access to the site, and all bar relaxing the password strength have been addressed, mostly by Richard, who has done a sterling job responding to requests for help.  If you do need support, please remember that there’s a human being handling your query.  We understand that using online systems can be frustrating at times, but we’re not an outsourced help desk and we respond best to courteous dialogue.

We also recognise that this system could enable us to do all sorts of things in the future.  A paperless subscription has been the most frequently suggested next step.  There’s still much to do to complete the launch of the site as it stands, but once this is done, I’ll work with Colin (Treasurer) on a paperless subscription, because we need to model its likely impact, and with Warners, to make sure that we can robustly differentiate paper from paperless subscriptions and service them accordingly.

Alan Regan – Chairman & Membership Secretary