In the course of preparing digital copies of SMT for our planned Members Only web site, we’ve realised that loco drawings which appeared in previous issues of SMT might usefully be included in the Resources section of this site.  Plans of Keith Bucklitch’s ‘Isibutu’ and Keith Dyer’s ‘Victory’ have been added to the Resources section.  Further drawings will be added as the originals become available.  The drawings as they appeared in the printed issues of SMT were often presented over two pages.  In the digital issues we’re presenting these on a single, landscape oriented page.  We think that this will be easier and hopefully more enjoyable to read but insofar as this makes them difficult to use for building purposes, we’re making the original drawings available as well.

Work on the Members Only site is progressing well.  We have 115 copies of SMT, Bulletin or Special Issues loaded and are now in the process of upgrading our web infrastructure to support the additional traffic which the site will generate.  Once this is complete, current members for whom we have a valid email address will be invited in groups to access the site, meaning that access will be offered over a number of days.  We’ll make a further announcement on Shed Notices when this starts, which at this stage we expect will be in January 2020.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary
Richard Huss, IT Officer