As UK members receive this month’s mailing with its new format address carrier sheet, note that the eight-digit number prefixed with an E on the last line of your address is your Subscription Number on Warners Group Publications systems.  For some members this is also their Association membership number, for others, their membership number is separate and all numeric, up to five digits.  Either can be used when communicating with Warners, for example, to make postal or email address and phone number changes.

There will be a second number present, in some cases followed by three stars.  These were generated as part of the mailing process for ordering purposes and are not your membership number.

I anticipate the the Subscription Number will also appear after the last line of the address for overseas recipients of the mailing but cannot confirm this.  I do not expect any further numbers or characters to follow the Subscription Number.

Alan Regan, Chairman & Membership Secretary