We have received the following request for help from the Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies, to which we are affiliated. If you would like to offer help or to find out more, please contact SFMES directly using the contact details below.

Mike Riley, Company Secretary


The Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies is a voluntary association that supports clubs affiliated to it by representing their needs in matters such as boiler testing, health and safety, providing a place for discussion and news announcements and events and more. (see the web site: www.sfmes.co.uk).

All of the work is carried out by a few volunteers and there is now a need and opportunity to seek more volunteers for maintaining the present services and meeting future opportunities. There are two roles immediately required and we hope that some club members will want to assist by applying for these. They are unpaid, although out of pocket expenses are remunerated:

Newsletter Editor:

This is to prepare four newsletters per year, including assembling and preparing material from respondents, attending four board meetings per year and generally contributing to discussions, and arranging for the emailing and posting as necessary of issues. There is opportunity to develop the style and content. Contact Bob Polley (bobpolley@sfmes.co.uk) to find out more or to apply.

Computer Support:

As the web site becomes more functional, there is a need to complement the developers with support functions to assist users to address any problems they have with access or communication. This requires someone with ICT expertise to understand problems and suggest solutions and work with the web site manager on changes and improvements. Attending board meetings would be useful although not essential. Contact Martin Baker (martinbaker@sfmes.co.uk) to find out more or to apply.