Renewal reminders will be sent out in the next 48 hours to those members who have not yet renewed their subscription and for whom we hold an email address.  If you’ve very recently renewed your subscription you may still receive a reminder, because the data used to populate the renewal process is extracted at a point in time and renewals still occur after this happens.  Likewise if you’ve taken out a Direct Debit to renew then it may be in the set-up process, which takes a few days and requires human input.  In both cases, if you already have confirmation from the subscription system that your renewal has been accepted, you can safely ignore the reminder.

Please read and carefully follow the instructions in the invitation.  They differentiate how members who have used the system in the past should proceed as opposed to those who’ve never used the system before.  If you nevertheless encounter problems, please contact Warners in the first instance, either by phone (details are in the invitation) or at  It may take up to two days for a response, but if you don’t receive or aren’t satisfied with the response, please contact me at  Please note that invitations are sent in bulk and copy invitations cannot be provided individually.

If you plan to attend the Annual General Meeting at the National Garden Railway Show on 6th April please complete your renewal before the Show, so that we can accurately verify membership status as you enter the AGM.  It will not be possible to renew in person by cash or cheque at the Show.  I plan to have a laptop computer at the Show which members may use on a self-service basis to renew by credit/debit card, but this will only be available during the morning.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary