Invitations to renew membership subscription securely online are scheduled to be sent out today.  This includes brief instructions to members who used the system last year along with more detailed instructions to those new to the system.  The invitation also includes details of how to renew over the phone.  The Members who renew by Direct Debit will not receive a renewal invitation.  Members who haven’t provided an email address will receive their renewal invitation on the back of the address carrier sheet used to mail February SMT & Bulletin.

If you encounter problems, please contact Warners in the first instance, either by phone (details are in the invitation) or at  If you don’t receive or aren’t satisfied with the response, please contact me at  Please note that invitations are sent in bulk and copy invitations cannot be provided individually.  A second invitation to renew subscription will be sent in March to those who have not renewed.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary