It’s that time of year again when we ask for contributions to the annual Association Members DVD video presentations.  University work has had to take priority for Zach this year so the Brockle Broadcasting team have taken charge of collecting and editing contributions and producing the DVD.

What we are looking for are short video pieces that appeal to a wide audience of 16mm Association members.  These need to be members own footage and not copyright material “borrowed” from other sources, and preferably not footage that you have already published as we get complaints if it’s been seen elsewhere!

The Association retains the right to accept / reject and to edit all footage submitted.

Now we don’t want to badger you, but as in past years it would make our job a whole lot easier if contributions could adhere to a few simple principles…

  • Resolution – 1080p “High Definition” for preference, “2K” or “4K” can also be accepted although these can be massive files, 720 at a pinch, but nothing less as the image will be much smaller than anything else or unacceptably grainy.
  • Frame rate : 25 or 50 frames per second “PAL” format – NB : video recorded on phones, tablets, drones and some “action cameras” can default to basically the American NTSC 29/30 or 60 frames and the entire file has to be rendered to make it compatible with other footage and the DVD making process, this not only takes a phenomenal time, but often results in some jerky looking footage
  • Please don’t add music! – not only do we get complaints, but music can cause copyright issues and make it impossible to re-edit the footage if this is necessary.
  • Clip length – generally somewhere between five and ten minutes seems to go down well. Shorter will be considered as will longer, but the latter needs to be really engaging!
  • Content – garden meetings, railways in action, techniques / how to’s, special builds (but not in real time!), overview / tour of garden railways, prototype action, heritage – both model and prototype, and so on.

Footage needs to be with me by 10th December 2018 to be edited and for the DVD to be manufactured.

Email for details of how to send your footage.

Thank you in anticipation.

Rod Nipper, Publicity Officer