The Association’s Data Protection Policy was adopted at a Board Meeting on Saturday 5th May.  The policy describes what data we capture and what we use it for.  Your data is used to:

  • Deliver Association publications and paper correspondence
  • Communicate with you by email and/or phone if you choose to provide this data
  • Enable you to choose which of postal address, email and telephone number are provided to other members either on request to the Membership Secretary or in the annual membership lists
  • Manage your membership of the Association

Data is restricted to that needed for the above purposes and comprises:

  • Your membership number, membership type and subscription expiry date
  • Your full name including title and initials
  • Your postal address
  • Your phone number if you’ve provided this
  • Your email address if you’ve provided this
  • The names of any family members if you’ve chosen a Family Member subscription
  • The date on which you joined the Association
  • Your publication preferences in the annual membership lists regarding full name, postal address, phone number and email address

If you haven’t provided a publication preference we will not publish the data to which that publication preference applies.  If you choose to publish any of your data, your name and the data you choose to publish will appear in the applicable country/county section of the membership lists, as well as in the by-surname and by-membership number lists.

Data is captured and processed on a contractual or legitimate interest basis, so that we can deliver publications and other tangible benefits of membership, manage your subscription and observe your publication preferences in the annual membership lists.

We will continue to provide you with a copy of your membership data in November each year, on the reverse of the address carrier sheet used to deliver the November mailing.  The exception to this will be provision of the names of family members, which data will be available on request to Warners Group Publications or the Membership Secretary.  It is extremely difficult to provide this using the established process for other data and I trust that this will continue to be acceptable to those with Family Membership type.

If at any time you need to know what data we hold, please contact Warners Group Publications using the contact details in Bulletin.  Warners are also the point of contact for any data changes, including deletion of any or all your data.

Alan Regan, Membership Secretary and Data Protection Officer