Renewal invitations have been sent in the past hour by email to members with UK postal addresses.  Members who renew by Direct Debit will not receive a renewal invitation but will at a later stage be invited to register with the system so that they can also review and maintain their membership records.  Invitations to members overseas will be sent in the next few days as soon as some small issues with address formats have been resolved.  I will make a further post to Shed Notices when this occurs.

I’d like to thank the members around the world who participated in testing this weekend.  Their feedback was invaluable and brought about a number of refinements in the system.  To repeat what I said in my last post on this topic, if you encounter problems, please contact Warners in the first instance, either by phone (details are in the invitation) or at  If you don’t receive or aren’t satisfied with the response, please contact me at

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary