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Your Association needs You!

Laurence Smith has provided the following:

With all things in life, one must from time to time make changes to suit what one wants to achieve.  I did this recently and concluded that I no longer have the time to be the Association’s Show Director in the way that I want, as there are other and more important things I wish to pursue that I really need to take better care of.

As a consequence, the Board is looking for an individual or individuals to fill my size 10 boots. There are three roles that I have been doing: Show Director, Layouts Coordinator and more recently, Prize Draw organiser.  The Board has already found a way to do the last of these from within its own ranks, so let’s focus on the first two.

For the Show Director role, the candidate needs to be able to make quick decisions on build-up day and on the day of the show itself.  Not only that, they must be able to communicate with the stewards and give clear instruction so that they can carry out their duties.  It helps to be clear sighted but understanding, and able to say no if it comes to it.  We ideally would like someone to come forward before this year’s show, then I could show them the ropes of running the show and how to work the various parts of the venue, so the candidate isn’t thrown into the deep end.

For the Layouts Coordinator role, the candidate would need to communicate with layout owners and clearly collect the necessary information required to lay out the hall plan. I’ve already spoken to a good number of layout owners for the 2019 show, listed them and prepared the paperwork, so that we’re all ready to go once dates have been finalised.  Again, if there’s a candidate before this year’s show, I could run them through the process.

I will stay in post for the 2018 National Garden Railway Show and don’t intend throwing anyone in at the deep end, so my inbox will always be open for advice and I’ve written an instruction manual based on my experience in these roles.

Further comments from Alan Regan:

Laurence has done a great job and will be a difficult act to follow, but when he started in the role he had a steep learning curve.  As he’s explained above, he’s ready and willing to help whoever takes these roles on, and others on the Board will equally provide support.  As he’s suggested, they can be separate roles.  The Layouts Coordinator role can be an Officer position with attendance at most Board meetings; the Show Director role does need to carry the authority of a director, with attendance at all Board meetings.  If you think you could do either of these roles, either as a Director or an Officer, please contact me at  We start the planning for the 2019 show immediately after that on 7th April 2018, so we need help now!

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary

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