A small number of members (less than 30) have reported problems with their DVD, either failure to read at all or failure to read all tracks.  A sample of faulty DVDs have been analysed by the replication factory and have been found to be physically damaged.  The damage may not be visible to the naked eye but will have occurred in transit, most probably as a result of an attempt to fold the package in which they were delivered.

The DVDs were tack glued at Warners by machine to the front cover of Bulletin and the DVD was not visible through the foil.  This was intentional but may have been inadvisable as anyone handling the package will have been unaware of the contents.  I collected a quantity of DVDs from Warners and personally tested over 20 DVDs at random.  None exhibited any problems, which reinforces my view that the DVDs received by Warners were in good condition.

Please can I therefore ask members to test their DVD within the next 10 days and report any issues to Warners.  Replacements are available, but the Association will incur a cost for every one supplied, so please don’t request one just in case yours is faulty, do test it first.  Warners will inform me of any replacements made.  If sufficient DVDs need replacement, a further supply will be arranged from the replication supplier, but I need to know now how many to order, hence the request to test your DVD as soon as possible.

Warners can be emailed at 16mmNGM@warnersgroup.co.uk or phoned on 01778 392016.  Telephone lines are open 8 am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm on Saturdays.  Please quote your membership number or post code when you contact them.

Alan Regan, Chairman & Membership Secretary