This is directed at the minority of members who have no so far renewed their membership of the Association for the year to end February 2016: please can you do so ASAP.

If you’ve lost your renewal paperwork please contact me at If you still have an invitation to renew on-line then you can still use this, otherwise please send a cheque to me or the Renewal Secretary on your renewal paperwork.

I will be processing renewals in person at our coming show but I will be on my own as Carol has other duties, so there is likely to be a queue. I also have other duties from 13:00 onward so renewals in person will close and not reopen after this time. I’m not looking to other resource to do this because it seems to me that members will by the time of the show have had six weeks in which to make their renewal, which is surely sufficient time. The fact that 80% of the membership have already renewed would tend to support this.

If you’d prefer to enjoy the show rather than wait for me to process your renewal on the day then please, send it in now.

Thanks in advance.

Alan Regan,