Over 1,200 members have renewed their subscription in the last four days, which represents 51% of those invited to renew. This is 200 more renewals or 5% more of those invited than at the same time last year. I’ve not been made aware of any failed renewal links (there had been a number by this time last year) and I’m sure that this and members’ familiarity with the process is leading to more rapid renewals.

My apologies to the many members who written back to me confirming their renewal or making positive comments on the process. I’ve had over 90 of these and whilst I greatly appreciate positive feedback, unfortunately I don’t have the bandwidth to respond to you all. Fewer than 20 renewal invitations (that’s less than 1%) have been returned with email address unknown, so if you haven’t yet received yours yet, please email membership@16mm.org.uk and I’ll try to help. Keep those renewals flowing!

Alan Regan, membership@16mm.org.uk