by Peter Richards

This is a short rake of Brandbright coach kits that were a Christmas present from my wife three Christmases ago. They were constructed during 2012 with the outsides spray painted before assembly and the insides treated to the traditional camel-hair brush!

The couplings are Accucraft as in recent years I’ve been changing over to the them. Although they look a little over-scale, they do work well. Prior to these I used the chopper couplings originally marketed by Clay Cellers, later by P & J Models, and though these work well they have the disadvantage of being ‘single ended’.

All these photos were taken on the Fivelanes & Launceston Rly MkIII in Cornwall but now the coaches are now sitting on a shelf on the opposite side of the world in New Zealand whilst plans for the Fivelanes & Launceston Rly MkIV are being finalised.

The brake kit in a partially made state


 Nearing completion, having gained some passengers (two out of sight!) and a Guard

photo 2

Second class kit in its nearly finished state

photo 3

The two second class coaches receiving some additional roof detail.

photo 4

The finished coaches sitting at the platform of Tregadillett Road station on the Fivelanes & Launceston Rly

photo 5

Close-up of the brake coach waiting in the station

photo 6

The other side of the coach whilst out on the single line.

photo 7

The three coaches in the platform whilst the engine, a Merlin Mayflower called ‘Megan’ has gone for servicing, her place to be taken by a Roundhouse Lady Anne called ‘Demelza’

photo 8

The train departing behind ‘Demelza’

photo 9

Text and photos by Peter Richards