1st April 2013 – Meet The Rat!!!

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1st April 2013 – Meet The Rat!!!

By Brian Dominic

The Rat (numbered 25 in the MDLR Stock List because Class 25s were known as “Rats”) was one of those bonkers ideas modellers get from time to time. I bought one of these with the express intention of causing havoc on occasions at garden railway meetings and creating a diversion when things get boring at exhibitions!

The underpinnings were very simple – an IP Engineering Lister mechanism, a THREE battery box power unit (because I wanted it to be FAST (though I can substitute a 2 battery pack for running on small layouts like my own Flagg Fluorspar)………….

Once the mech was made up, it was glued to the bottom of a very crude plywood “platform”………………

…………… with the battery box Velcroed to the top (so it can be swapped if needs be) and a simple on/off switch. The other strips of Velcro……………..

…………… are to hold the rat down to the platform. Oddly enough, this was the hardest part! The self-adhesive Velcro wouldn’t stick to the velour and the adhesive gunged up the needle when I tried to sew the Velcro on. The solution? Clean the adhesive off with thinners!

All-in-all, a fun little project which will hopefully cause HAVOC! Watch out for The Rat – coming to a railway near YOU!

Brian Dominic

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