We are very pleased to announce the winners of the Association 2019 Christmas Quiz, set by Laurence Smith:

Place Prize Winner
1st Place A Summerlands Chuffer for your locomotive, plus a year’s Association Membership for 2019 Matt Nunn
2nd Place A Summerlands Chuffer for your locomotive Ben Vincer
Randomly selected entry A year’s Association Membership for 2020 Anthony Coulls

Well done to all of you. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Chris Bird of Summerlands Chuffers for kindly donating two of his ‘Chuffers’ as prizes again this year. You can view the complete range of Chuffers at www.summerlands-chuffer.co.uk.

And the answers:

Round one: easy ones

Q1. Where am I?

National Garden Railway Show, Peterborough – Modular Layout

Q2. Where am I?

Wells & Walsingham Railway (Wells on Sea Station)

Q3. Who am I?

Sezela No 4

Q4. Where do I call home?

Llanuwchllyn Loco Shed (Bala Lake Railway)

Q5. Where am I?

Pages Park Station, Leighton Buzzard Railway

Q6. What’s the name of the incline?

Sylfaen Bank

Q7. What’s my name?

David Lloyd George / Daffydd Lloyd George

Q8. Where am I?

Llanberis Station, Snowdon Mountain Railway

Q9. What’s my railway’s name?

Moors Valley Railway

Q10. Where am I?

Statfold Barn Railway

Round two: minor head scratching

Q11. What’s my sister’s name?


Q12. Whose cab is this?


Q13. What was my name?


Q14. Whose valve gear is this?


Q15. Whose valve gear is this?

NG/G16 NG143

Q16. Whose hood ornament is this?

Galloping Goose Railcar (Statfold Barn Railway)

Q17. Whose horn is this?

Charlie, WD simplex at Statfold

Q18. Whose cab is this?


Q19. Where am I?

Wells and Walsingham Railway, near Warham

Q20. Whose cab roof is this?

NG15 NG134

Round three: Good luck! Any headaches caused by these are not my fault

Q21. What two narrow gauge companies are/were in this photo?

de Winton

Nantlle Tramway


Q22. Whose pressure gauge is this?


Q23. It’s a wheel yes, but from what?

RNAD Wagon

Q24. Where am I?

F&WHR Dinas ‘Up Platform’

Q25. What’s my name and where am I?

No 3 “Sgt Blast”


Q26. Whose cab is this?


Q27. Where am I?

Llanfair Caereinon Station

Q28. Who am I?

Sragi No 1

Q29. Whose gauge glass is this?


Q30. What is the gauge for?

Telling the time – it’s a clock!