We are very pleased to announce the winners of the Association 2017 Christmas Quiz, set by Laurence Smith.

Very unusually, four entrants were tied for second place. One of these has been selected randomly to receive the 2nd prize of a Summerlands Chuffer, and the other three will each receive a year’s Association Membership for 2018.

Place Prize Winner
1st Place A Summerlands Chuffer for your locomotive, plus a year’s Association Membership for 2018 Tony Willmore
2nd Place A Summerlands Chuffer for your locomotive David Peers
A year’s Association Membership for 2018 Christopher Glover
Jon Potter
Randomly selected entry A year’s Association Membership for 2018 Ian Driver

Well done to all of you. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Chris Bird of Summerlands Chuffers for kindly donating two of his ‘Chuffers’ as prizes again this year. You can view the complete range of Chuffers at www.summerlands-chuffer.co.uk.

And the answers…

Let’s start with some easy ones…

1. Where am I?

Page’s Park, Leighton Buzzard Railway

2. Who built me? And where am I? (2 points)

Hunslet; Welsh Highland Heritage Railway, Porthmadog

3. Where was the last place I worked? Where am I now? And who am I? (3 points)

Penrhyn Quarry; Statfold Barn Railway; “Ogwen”

4. What am I? And where am I from? (2 points)

NG15; South Africa

5. Where am I? What gauge am I? (2 points)

Bressingham; 10¼”

6. Where is this?

Llechfan Garden Railway

7. Who are we? (2 points)

“Fiji”; “Alpha”

8. Where am I?

Corris station

9. Where has Mike’s covered van lost its wheel set?


10. Where am I?

Tywyn Pendre

Ok, now let’s kick it up a notch and make them a bit harder…

11. Whose Cab is this?


12. Which engine carried this headboard?


13. On which vehicle would you find this builders plate?

W&L replica Pickering carriage 6338

14. Where am I?

Barmouth Ferry station (Fairbourne Railway)

15. What was I originally built as?

Leek & Manifold Railway 2-6-4T Kitson

16. Who am I? And where am I? (2 points)

“Katie”; Eaton Hall Railway

17. Who am I? Where am I? And who’s that next to me? (3 points)

“Livingston Thompson”; National Railway Museum, York; “King George V”

18. Where am I?

Wigfa &amp Llanrwst Light Railway

19. Who built me? And what am I? (2 points)

Locobox; Darjeeling Garratt

20. Where am I? And what is the name of my Brother? (2 points)

Welsh Highland Heritage Railway; “Peter Wood”

Now let’s really test your knowledge!

21. Whose cab is this? And where am I? (2 points)

No. 24; Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway

22. Where am I?

Bekonscot Model Village

23. What Station am I on? And which Railway is it on? (2 points)

Skelmanthorpe; Kirklees Light Railway

24. Where am I?

Castle Caereinion station

25. Who am I? Where am I? Who built me? (3 points)

Walter E Disney; Walt Disney World, Florida; Baldwin

26. Whose cab is this?

Rodger E. Broggie

27. Who am I?

Merridin Emrys

28. Which engine is this? And where is it? (2 points)

“Irish Mail”; Carrog station

29. Who am I? What am I? (2 points)

“Hawk”; Kitson Meyer

30. Where am I?

North Gloucestershire Railway, Toddington