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New and interesting things to look out for at Peterborough this year

Here is a selection of some of the interesting things that are on offer at our National Show this year 

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Slater's Plastikard

New Release From Slater's

Plastikard Just ready in time for the show is our latest kit for the War Department (1914-18 War) Class K skip wagon

K Skip Wagon

It is based on research by one of the leading experts on WDLR rolling stock and features finely detailed injection moulded body and frame, and comes complete with steel tyred wheels, brass bearings and scale couplings. Even the lettering on the axleboxes is readable! The price is £19.50 including VAT.

Coming soon are kits for the WDLR A class wagon and the Dinorwic "Slab" and "Rubbish" wagons (both are upgraded from the very limited release Bob Alderman kits).

Slater's Plastikard Ltd
Old Road
Darley Dale


Summerlands Chuffers

Summerlands Chuffers are delighted to announce that Busybodies Dolly and Daisy, seen here modelling just four of the range of 31 Chuffer types, will be assisting on their show stand at Peterborough.

Dolly & Daisy

Among the large stocks of Chuffers will be the latest addition to the range - designed for the Accucraft Saxonian VIK - and all of the popular ones which can add a serious chuff to the majority of narrow gauge locos.

Anything Narrow Gauge

Anything Narrow Gauge/IMP Models - Stand 45 - are pleased to announce that we will be having a Show Special 'Clearance' of selected Accucraft steam locomotives together with a variety of complimentary Accucraft rolling stock.

We will also be offering four different Accucraft Baldwins, each one altered and repainted individually, either as Ashover Light Railway (ALR), 'Peggy' or 'Joan' both fully lined, as well as WHR 590 and the GVT Baldwin. These locomotives have been professionally lined and repainted by Matt Acton of Berry Hill Works who is also exhibiting at the show.

This year we will have over 50 locos on the stand to tempt you. If you want to see what's available second hand before the Show then check out ANG's link on the Summerland Chuffer's website.

See you at the Show.  


Brandbright are pleased to announce several new models this year.

Brandbright will be supplying and converting the new production run of Accucraft Baguley Drewery diesels.

The previous version of these was very popular and the new version is improved both in the engine itself and in the conversion.

The loco is now available in a wider choice of colours and has a stronger metal chassis. Brandbright are offering the loco converted to battery power, with options of manual or 2.4 GHz radio control.

There are also options of digital sound and directional lights. Full details at http://www.brandbright.co.uk. Availability is limited in the first batch, so put your name down at the show if you want one.

The GS7 & GS8 Lynton & Barnstaple bogie goods stock have been redesigned for laser cutting and will be available at the show. The GS7 8 ton goods van kit now features opening doors, chamfered outside framing, the full range of wagon plates and now features every rivet on the chassis.

The GS8 8 ton open wagon kit is similarly upgraded, with new laser cut detailing, as well as brass and white metal parts for the finest details. Both of these fine kits are now also even easier to build, with the usual locating parts and comprehensive instructions. They will be a perfect fit behind the new Accucraft Lew.

Carrying on with goods stock the Talisman 4-wheeled wagon kits, TAL1 & TAL2 are also available. Now laser cut, these charming wagons, the TAL1 Bolster wagon and TAL2 Dropside wagon, come with a wealth of brass detail castings.

Brandbright's  latest coach kit is PS36 Talyllyn coach no. 4. This is packed with detail all taken from the real coach. The laser cut body is made of several layers, exactly matching all the idiosyncrasies of the prototype. Featuring makers plates, colour transfers, door handles & grabs, electric and brake connections as well as full interior detail, this is the definitive kit of this coach.

With the Penrhyn theme of this years show, our Penrhyn quarrymans coach PS31 now comes with extra brass and white metal detail. The former PS31-DET detailing set is now included in the coach kit itself. The kit now includes brakes, strapping and etched brass numbers and coach letters as well as the axleboxes.


Loco-Boxes are proud to announce the introduction of the 'Penrhyn' box range. Following the theme of this years show, we can supply boxes for the following locomotives; Ogwen, Marchlyn, Linda, Blanche, Charles, upright boilered De Winton, Quarry Hunslet, Port class Hunslet, Sgt Murphy, Eigau, Stanhope & Lilla. As with all our boxes, these will be available wth stacking strips, wheel holding strips or loco carrying cradles. Box prices are from just £29.

Penrhyn Box

We also have fresh supplies of Welsh Anthracite coal for £1 a bag.

Coal for a pound

Butane & butane/propane mix gas will be available at the show, butane is £3:20 a can or £35 for a box of 12 & butane/propane mix is £3:75 or £41 for a box of 12.

Bulk Gas Purchase

AnDel Models

This year AnDel Models have two stands at the National Garden Railway Show

AnDel Buildings stand

The AnDel Buildings stand will cover the Scenic items that AnDel has done for a while and the Building and Build Sheet range

Recently introduced by AnDel Models are Build Sheets. These are large A3 sheets of textured polyurethane resin which provide a versatile material for constructing buildings to your own design. Four sheets are currently available, Brick, Random Stone, Roof Tile and Paving Slabs. The model pictured was created using all four sheets. Sheet price is £18.50 per sheet

AnDel Halt

The latest building is a small workshop, to be used in its own right or adjoining other buildings price is £29.95

AnDel Works

The latest scenery item is a picnic bench, suitable for adorning small village scenes. price is £4.95

AnDel Picnic Table

AnDel Locos and Rolling Stock stand 

A recent item in the AnDel Range is the C&M guards van priced at £38

AnDel  C&M Guards Van

New for Peterborough is the WDLR class A open wagon priced at £28 and available in Khaki or Grey and to 32mm gauge

AnDel Open Wagon

Also is a new locomotive the WDLR Avonside MLM locomotive. This locomotive was used on the Egyptian front and had a gauge of two foot six. The model will be available in a standard or a military livery and for 32 or 45mm gauge. Price is £305 for a manual speed control version or £435 for the R/C option

AnDel Avonside

AnDel Avonside - Military Livery

Treddol Designs

Treddol Designs will have the following new items for sale at the National Garden Railway Show at Peterborough:

Treddol Designs Low Relief Slate Station
Low Relief Slate Station

Low Relief Slate Warehouse
Low Relief Slate Warehouse

Small Slate Station - Coal Office
Small Slate Station - Coal Office

Treddol Designs Various Colonel Stephens Style Buildings
Various Colonel Stephens Style Buildings

They are also planning to have a  few other 'bits & pieces' available if they can get them ready in time..!

Jurassic Models

Our major new release for the show is the first version of the SAR Fruit Van, (yes there are other versions to follow) this is a complete kit bar paint & glue.

SAR Fruit Van

Also on display will be another recent design for the FR bogie coaches 15 & 16, please come and talk to us about this model.

FR Bogie

And not forgetting the perennial favourites such as the FR Bug Boxes.

FR Bug Box FR Bug Box

DJB Engineering

DJB Engineering are planning to have the following on display at the National Garden Railway Show this year:

New DJB Coal Fired Loco

New coal fired Saddle Tank, based on the Roundhouse Billy/Katie Chassis and built to look similar to a Bagnall, all the usual features including a new Marine type coal fired boiler.

New DJB Coal Fired Loco

Pilot Model of the New range of Isle of Man small F class coach kits in 15mm scale

Isle of Man 'F' Coach

IOM Bogie

Pilot model for the Isle of Man Railway M class ballast Wagon Kit

IOM WagonIOM Wagon
IOM Wagon


Busybodies will be showing a range of 7/8" scale stock and figures designed to go with the new Hunslet from Accucraft

Busybodies 2012

This includes two items from the new 'Acme' range of 7/8" scale rolling stock. These are the precursors to a whole range of rolling stock kits to be introduced in the run up to the introduction of the 7/8" scale Penrhyn Hunslet

Busybodies 2012

The first two offerings are a model of the Penryhn open workmen's' coach and a Ffestiniog style slate wagon

Busybodies will be offering suitable brakeman figures, slate loads and other accessories to suit

Busybodies 2012

These are exciting times for 7/8" scale modelling and the introduction of affordable models will be a priority for both Busybodies in partnership with Acme


Stanton Abbey Pottery

Stanton Abbey Pottery are launching the following buildings at the 2012 National Garden Railway Show:

Celtic Cottage
Celtic Cottage

Celtic Post Office
Celtic Post Office

Signal Box
Signal Box


Telegraph Office
Telegraph Office

Essel Engineering

The latest chassis from Essel Engineering will be available at the National Garden Railway Show

Bachmann Davenport Replacement chassis

All steel, ready to run, dual gauge 32 and 45 mm. Powerful 5 pole motor 6 – 15v fitted with sintered metal gears and bearings, steel bevel gear final drive. Plain wheels can be changed to insulated for a £4 surcharge.

Essel Engineering chassis

Overall length  - 193mm   Overall width – 98mm   Height above rail – 40mm Weight – 0.9kg

Cost - £125

Also suitable for small 7/8” scale loco?

Garden Railway Specialists Ltd

Going British DVD

Going British - Our latest DVD shows how lifelike Garden Railway rolling stock is developed from the real thing. The DVD includes footage of the prototypes from which the models were developed and also shows how to prepare and operate live steam locos (Meths, Gas & Coal Fired). Total running time - including bonus footage and commentary of the G3 Michaelmas Line: 3hr 20mins GB6 - DVD £29.95

Accucraft Leader – Live Steam Loco Offer - save over £100.00

0-4-2ST gas fired, manual, 32/45mm gauge, pressure gauge, boiler top-up valve, insulated wheels, Blue, Black, Previously sold for £710.00 - Offer Price: £600.00 (each)

GRS Pointwork

New from GRS!! 32mm & 45mm Points & Crossovers manufactured in code 250 rail.

GRS is pleased to announce the introduction of its new range of Peco compatible 32mm/45mm Trackwork. Common sizes are available from stock - but we will be pleased to supply any size to order, including 32mm/45mm dual gauge. Manufactured using Peco code 250 rail, our new range has been introduced to complement our existing selection of G45 & G64 Trackwork.  

GRS Points - Click Image to Download PDF
Click the image above to open a PDF version of this super offer


Hunslet, Quarry Hunslet and Peckett Locos & Chassis

Hunslet and Quarry Hunslet loco body kits. New ‘easy to build’ cast resin body kit with plastic footplate and white metal fittings.

Peckett Type 0-4-0 Saddle Tank Industrial Loco body kit has been re-released as an ‘easy-to-build’ kit, which is now available in cast resin with plastic footplate and white metal fittings.

 CMD235: Hunslet Body Kit - Price: £109.00
CMD237: Quarry Hunslet Body Kit - Price: £98.00 
CMD236: Peckett Type Saddle Tank Loco Kit – Price: £109.00
GRS 0-4-0 Chassis (available for 45mm or 32mm gauge) (Ideal for Hunslet /Quarry Hunslet/Peckett body loco kits) RTR Steel chassis with insulated wheels - suitable for battery current.
G120: GRS 0-4-0 Chassis (45mm) - Price: £139.95
G121: GRS 0-4-0 Chassis (32mm) - Price: £139.95
Optional Extras: G122: GRS Pick-up set - Price: £15.95  

Special Offer:
Buy Hunslet or Peckett Loco body kits and chassis at same time – Price: £235.95
Buy Quarry Hunslet Loco body kit and chassis at same time – Price: £225.95

Also Available:
G114: GRS Diesel 0-4-0 Chassis (45mm) – Price: £105.00
G115: GRS Diesel 0-4-0 Chassis (32mm) – Price: £105.00

RTR VoR, Ffestiniog and Talyllyn

All our RTR Steel coaches are Powder Coated, all Steel Construction, with Glazed Windows, Seats, Metal Wheels and LGB Bogies and couplings.

The range comprises the following:


Special Price Offer:

Any one coach: £199.00;  Any two coaches: £179.00 each; Any three coaches: £159.00 each (Offer is only available when buying coaches at the same time. The offer allows for the purchase of any combination of coaches).

Roundhouse Radio Controlled Leek & Manifold Loco Offer

Order the loco (offer is for R/C only) and get the following discounts on L&M prototype rolling stock:

2 Coaches – 10%
4 Coaches – 15%
Freight Wagon Set – 10% (set comprises: transporter wagon, bogie milk van and bogie flat wagon)


Pendle Valley Workshop

Pendle Valley Workshop are the new owners of the Lineside Delights range of Garden Railway Buildings.

Their website is at www.pendlevalleyworkshop.co.uk

They aim is to maintain the same quality that Lineside Delights were renowned for and to ensure this they source their raw materials from the same supplier.

They will have two new releases available at the National Garden Railway Show.

  1. A 'Country Station Kit' that will be £99.50
  2. A 'Lever Frame Cabin Kit' that will be £23.50.


IP Engineering

Tralee & Dingle Pickup Truck

This Pickup truck has been inspired by a what could have been.

IP Railcar

The model is made to 15 mm / ft and is constructed in laser cut wood parts also embellished with a wealth of metal castings and comes complete with an under floor motor unit and 2 AAA size battery holders (Batteries not included).

This model is a very finely detailed model that will look good on any fine scale railway. The kit is available in 45 mm or 32 mm gauge.

Dimensions are length 180 mm width 90 mm height 135 mm. Price £82.00

Talisman Brass Castings

Talisman Logo

We are proud at IP Engineering to have been offered the sole retail rights to the beautiful range of Talisman brass castings, this range in its entirety has been not fully available for some time and this will offer a fantastic aid to fine scale scratch builders. All of the range will be in available through our web site for immediate delivery.

Talisman casting range

We also will be having a range of fine scale rolling stock kits which will be available shortly which are full of brass cast detail castings and built to scale using the most up to date and cutting edge manufacture methods.


For the Peterborough show Locoworks will have on display the new running boards for the roundhouse Silver Lady/Lady Anne locomotive. We are also hoping to have the new 'Jack'/'Katie' set for display too. All the running boards above will be available to pre order only at the moment, as there is quite a queue for them.

Locoworks will have for sale, touch up tinlets of 14ml enamel paint matched to the 13 colours of Roundhouse locomotives and a tin of buffer beam red.

We will also have a new set of fire irons for the quarry Hunslet locomotive, along with our normal range for Accucraft/Roundhouse engines, plus a selection of brass lubricator sets for the same engines.

Perfect World

New for the 2012 16mm AGM Show is the TL19 Talyllyn Brake Third Composite Coach No. 16 "The Stanton". Originally purchased and rebuilt in 1957 the coach entered service in 1961 the brake compartment being added at a later date.

TR Stanton Coach

Supplied as a fully closed brake/passenger composite as shown or with an open passenger area. Built using the finest materials including removable aluminium roof, mahogany sides.

Available to order at the show in ready to run version only.

Also look out for a new Ffestiniog Railway coach also to be launched at the show, photographs soon....

ELR Engineering

ELR Engineering are proud to announce their new coal fired locomotive 'Olivia'

OLIVIA – Coal Fired’ 0-4-0 Tank Loco

Olivia is a Freelance 0-4-0 large side tank locomotive, which is built on a Roundhouse chassis. Olivia is not based on any specific prototype but is representative of the steam locomotives that work on many narrow gauge lines and fits in well with most 16mm garden railways.


Olivia features include:

  • 0-4-0 Roundhouse chassis (32mm or 45mm gauge available).
  • Coal fired multi-tube boiler.
  • Steam blower.
  • Displacement lubricator.
  • Axle driven water pump with bypass valve (disguised as brake handle).
  • Water carried in side tanks.
  • Water top-up valve (using water pump bottle).
  • Water gauge with Blow down.
  • Pressure gauge with safety valve set to 60psi (maximum working pressure).
  • Smokebox with opening door.
  • Fully open cab for good access. (enclosed version also available)
  • Set of firing tools (shovel, poker, flu brush, battery blower and small bag of coal).

We also offer when you order a locomotive these options - Cream cab ( half cab ) £25, Red Cranks £20.

The price is £2600.00 manual ready to run.

 Phone: 01952 825989 or mobile: 07871 761329
(A £100 fee is required upon ordering to assure your place on the waiting list. A 50% deposit is required when your locomotive is about to be built, less your booking fee.)

Riverdale Locomotives

Riverdale Locomotives, based in the Netherlands, supplies coal-fired locomotives and boiler kits for home building or converting.

Our thought through, simple and reliable design allows for long running times without topping up coal and water, just as with gas-fired locomotives. Thanks to the damper - which controls the fire and so the steam pressure - operating of our locomotives is a joy and very easy.

Coal-fired 'Elke' is our little favorite

The cab lay out is very neat and close to scale. It leaves ample room for driver and fireman. The optional remote control of regulator, reverser, damper and whistle is almost fully hidden, leaving the cab uncluttered.

Coal-fired Amy is an impressive locomotive

This year we will demonstrate our coal-fired locomotives on the 'Felin Fawr' layout from noon to 1PM and from 4PM to 5PM.

You’re all invited to see how easy our locomotives are operated and how much fun coal firing is.

Here some videos to get in the mood:

Winter journey coal-fired 'Elke'
Firing up 'Amy'/em>

stand 53 at the show in Peterborough, close to ‘Felin Fawr'


Glendale Junction

Glendale Junction have some new hand-built wagons are made locally for them by RWS Models. (Click on any of the images of the wagons to see a larger view)

They are constructed in ply-wood with plastic and white metal mouldings together with metal wheels.

They are ready to run in 32mm and 45mm and cost £35 each.

Bodiam Nursery - Plants for Garden Railways

Bodiam LogoWhilst wandering around garden centres you may have spotted the odd plant for sale which would look ideal for a garden railway. I bet you won't ever have seen so many varieties to enhance a garden layout in one spot as you will at Bodiam Nursery's "Plants for Garden Railways" stand.

Dave and Jill Kaye's nursery is next to Bodiam Station on the Kent and East Sussex Railway and opposite the famous Bodiam Castle. Last year they built a 45mm layout on their lower plant benches, ran their first open steam days and began stocking dwarf conifers and more of the rockery, alpine, herbs and shrubs which look so good around a layout.

It is becoming a specialism in a nursery which stocks a fine selection of Acers (Japanese maples) and attracts customers for an interesting mix of plants for coastal as well as town and country gardens.

Dave is a newcomer to the big shows and also welcomes visitors or groups of visitors to Bodiam who may wish to bring locos to run around the circuit on the plant benches.

Find him at the show, follow the links in their website www.bodiamnursery.co.uk or contact: info@bodiamnursery.co.uk (077 4062 1756) for details.

He looks forward to meeting experienced garden modellers, developing the range and adding to a growing plant list.

Bodiam Nursery

Bernard Rockett

Bernard will be publishing his new book of 16mm scale drawings of Penrhyn Quarry locomotives and stock at the Show

PQR book poster

Aster Hobbies

Aster have a new model for 2012 - the Aster Krauss Tank.

It comes in two formats, kits or factory built up. The unusual aspect is that it feature outside Stephenson's valve gear adjustable from the cab.

Other features include hand and axle pumps and the provision for a 'Supplies Car' with extra fuel and water if required.

Available in 45mm gauge, gas fired and 1/20th scale.

Swift Sixteen

Below are pictures of some of the new Swift Sixteen products that will be available at Peterborough - Click on any of the pictures for a larger image