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Photo of the Week No. 390

Billy, built from a Swift Sixteen “Owain” kit and running on an Accucraft chassis. Painted in Henley blue and heavily weathered. Photo: Bob Scollick.

Photo of the Week No. 389

A Peter Angus Avonside loco, in the spring sunshine on the Eastfield Light Railway. Photo: Paul Humphries.

Photo of the Week No. 388

A Hugh Saunders “Edward Thomas” runs into the station. Photo: Rob Friend.

Photo of the Week No. 387

Bargodion Coedwigoedd viaduct dominates the valley whilst “Ollie” lugs freshly emptied skips back to base. Photo: Martin Haywood.

Photo of the Week No. 386

Scratch built Kerr Stuart diesel loco with a T&D bogie coach, on the Trawbreaga Bay Light Railway. Photo: Derek Shephard.

 Photo of the Week archive

March 2017 – The 1.2V Trench Tractor

By Martin Haywood

Having been hankering for a Simplex of some kind for a while, my intrigue as to the quality of 3D printed models, and […]

February 2017 – The Story of Russell

By Chris Trotman

Having built a meths and a gas fired loco the next progression was, I thought, a coal fired loco. Believe it or not […]

January 2017- GWR Pagoda corrugated iron shelter

By Martin Leaver

Having a particular interest in the Colonel Stephens railways, it became essential to find a way of producing corrugated iron in our scale, […]

December 2016 – Modifying “Wilberforce”

By Richard Huss

“Wilberforce” was the first – and so far the only – steam loco purchased new for the Elmdon Heath Light Railway, where it […]

November 2016 – Two Harecroft wagons

By Brian Dominic

Harecroft is one of the new suppliers of kits at the less expensive end of the market – as laser cutters and 3D […]

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