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For forty years we have been helping and inspiring people of all ages and abilities around the world to get involved in narrow gauge railway modelling in the scales of 14 to 16mm to the foot, usually in the real environment of their gardens, and often using real live steam model locomotives. Read more...

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Photo of the Week No. 390

Billy, built from a Swift Sixteen “Owain” kit and running on an Accucraft chassis. Painted in Henley blue and heavily weathered. Photo: Bob Scollick.

Our Photo of the Week section is regularly updated with pictures provided by our members. If you have a photograph that you would like to be considered, please contact us at webmaster@16mm.org.uk.

March 2017 – The 1.2V Trench Tractor

By Martin Haywood

Having been hankering for a Simplex of some kind for a while, my intrigue as to the quality of 3D printed models, and an impending 16mm WWI military event, seemed a good opportunity […]

We love to showcase our members’ work and models in the Model of the Month section. If you have a model (not only locomotives) that you would like to write about for a future month then please contact us at webmaster@16mm.org.uk.